Energy Baskets

I have a busy day planned and nothing was given me to write. My guides were supportive of taking something from my archives and their choice is something called Energy Baskets written June 1, nearly a year ago.

Those who choose the path of ‘I will to will Thy Will’ get called to help people in a random sort of way. Of course, from a higher perspective, it is anything but random, but from where we sit with our limited perspective, both the people we help and the help we give appear random. Always, it is people we resonate with, friends of one form or another, and always the help flows from our inner being, from our essence, from that part of us created by Source, and always, the other person invites the help in one form or another; but everything else about it seems random. This help is sometimes reciprocal and sometimes appears very one sided, but that too is an illusion, since we cannot truly help another without also benefiting.
Someone who is currently helping me is someone I have never met, someone who came upon my blog and resonated with some of my early entries back in December of 2009, and began offering feedback and suggesting possible avenues for my quest to explore my full potential by raising my vibrations and energy levels as I target to experience my full human potential and my own form of ‘I will to will Thy Will.’ That someone is Kathy Trew and she recently opened a website called, where she offers assistance to the many travellers on this road to learning who we really are. In the spirit world, Kathy is known as the woman who works hard so others can learn. She has a high and a pure energy and for some reason neither of us understands, she has been assigned the task of helping me on my personal journey.
She can only make suggestions and give feedback. I still have to do the actual work, that is how it works; that is a cosmic law. Somehow, we have a soul level contract and she acts as my mentor as I traverse this portion of my spiritual journey. When I surrendered to Divinity in May of 2006, I signed on for this journey and one of the conditions given me was that I was not to take a Teacher, but to find my own way and teachers would be given me as required and as I became ready. A variation on the theme of when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
Others have filled this role in the past and others may fill this role in the future, but presently and over the past several months, Kathy fills that role. I know I act in this role for a few people and have acted in this role for people in the past and will likely act in this role for others in the future. Perhaps that is reciprocity, perhaps that is how I repay the universe for the help given me by people like Kathy. All of this is part of the great mystery and all of this is according to the cosmic law that governs when pure intentions interact. The higher frequency is adopted by those interacting, without conscious effort and without trial and error. In our unique ways, each of us is skilled in some areas and lags behind in others. Through this law, we can access higher frequencies in areas of lesser skill and thus up our overall vibration. Kathy has accessed my higher frequencies in a couple of areas and taken steps forward. Perhaps that is how the contract was created, but I do not know this for sure. She calls it an energy basket and we can each through intention and by asking the help of our guides, access the energy baskets of others.
This ability will be much used during Ascension. A few of us do the arduous work of finding a way, of pathfinding as I call it, and through this work, we create an energy basket for others. The many can access this basket and take a far less arduous route to those same higher levels of energy. Only by such a mechanism will it be possible for the massive transition soon to come. Kathy is one of those doing the arduous work, taking those baby steps forward and pathfinding for humanity.
My route to providing that same service is being made easier by Kathy’s help and for that, I am eternally grateful.
Freedom for humanity…


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