Guidance and Personal Sovereignty

I walked downtown yesterday, a three or four hour walk, and took the scenic route near the river on a beautiful spring day. It was my Daughter’s birthday and I joined her and her aunt for supper at a Thai restaurant. All very nice.
Nothing was given me to write yesterday, and I asked my guides if it would be appropriate to take something from my archives. They confirmed this as appropriate and chose something called Energy Baskets written on June 1 almost a year ago. This entry made several references to a person called Kathy Trew and her website called; and when I was walking downtown, the thought came that part of the reason my guides chose this entry was to encourage me to contact Kathy and request a reading. This thought has persisted and this morning I did just that. Here is an edited portion of that request:

I gave Kathy a little about my current life and times since last June, saying: I continue to focus on Ascension and have volunteered for two aspects of this Divine process. The one that has called to me and is currently uppermost in my thoughts is rejuvenation. I got involved with someone (I gave Kathy the name in case it was relevant) who claimed to be bringing rejuvenation forth and claimed I was to help them. After waiting thru a number of delays, I entered into a negotiations with this person aimed at helping them learn some things to facilitate the bringing forth of rejuvenation. These negotiations ended with this person declining the services I offered and with them treating me as less than their equal. I left them and their organization in mid April and am now targeting a timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and making rejuvenation available to all of humanity.
I am being supported in these efforts and a great deal of learning is taking place within me, but I am not yet rejuvenated.

When I embarked on this guided path pursuing my life mission, my guidance was to remain independent and guidance would be provided as needed. Since then, independent has been refined to mean personally sovereign since I work with any number of people on the bases that everyone has personal sovereignty. Kathy would be one of them. She gives feedback and information but always leaves the choices up to me and would not think of telling me what choices I should make or restricting my actions in any way. In short, she respects my personal sovereignty and treats me as an equal.
When it comes right down to it, that is the same basis as I work with anyone who chooses to work with me and that is the basis I insist on when working with someone else. Most are willing to engage on this basis, but more than one is not. This latest episode represented the seventh person since embarking on my mission who claimed some higher standing and refused to treat me as an equal. Seven. Wow, that is quite a lot and each of these in their own way was claiming a pathway to higher consciousness. Does that not seem strange to you? How can anyone be of the opinion that a pathway to higher consciousness where everyone has personal sovereignty can go through a portal where the leader does not treat those who work with them as having personal sovereignty?
Ah well; what I was guided to do in each case was to offer my dissenting view and when it was not accepted, my guidance was to leave the situation, respecting the free will and personal sovereignty of both of us. In a couple of cases reconciliation took place at a later date, but that is neither here nor there. My guidance is clear. I am not to be a part of such initiatives.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Guidance and Personal Sovereignty

  1. Dan Barth says:

    Hello John, love your blog. Does the blog from 5/5 mean you are no longer a part of Richard and Carolyn’s group? I feel this is so and that is a shame as I am a part of it and it still resonates with me. Your link is still in the Yahoo group which I use to come read your blogs. I hope there is not any ill will (I don’t think so). Maybe you just have a different path to ascension.

    • Thank you, Dan.
      Your guess is correct as I am no longer participating in the group. I do have a different path to ascension, one with personal sovereignty where I have prime responsibility for becoming rejuvenated and taking the Divine gift of rejuvenation to all of humanity in ways that respect each individuals personal sovereignty.
      Do what resonates for you Dan. That is what personal sovereignty is all about.

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