Rejuvenation – Multiple Routes

In the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation there are quite naturally multiple routes to becoming rejuvenated. Many of the helping galactic and intergalactic extraterrestrials have their own methods since rejuvenation is a natural part of higher civilizations. Some of these civilizations are non-physical, perhaps all of them are non-physical since humanity is scheduled to enter the highest dimension in which physical bodies have existed; but that may not change rejuvenation all that much. Some of this is speculation on my part, but I am getting the go ahead to continue writing.
One tried and true method of rejuvenation is by raising our energy levels. Saints and mystics have accessed this method for eons and it is part of mythology and part of the repressed knowledge base of the Lightworker community. Babaji is said to have this capability and has interacted sporadically with humanity for centuries in an ageless, ergo rejuvenated body. St. Germane is another ascended master capable of living as a human being in an ageless, rejuvenated body. In addition, there are many cases of humans achieving high enough energy levels that they leave this dimension in what appears to be spontaneous combustion as they move into a higher dimension.
As the energies of Ascension come to the planet, it is becoming possible to hold much higher energy levels within the physical body and still remain in this dimension. Also, because humanity has lived at the lowest possible energy level for sentient life, there is a lot of room to raise our individual energy level without concern that we are reaching any third dimensional ceiling, and many people are engaged in raising their energy levels as they devote time and resources to their spiritual development. Taken together, these two factors give most of us a lot of room to raise our energy levels while continuing our third dimension life. All of this fits into the category of preparing for Ascension.
A friend, named Kathy, is coming to Calgary in about a week and she specializes in helping people raise their energy levels. My plan is to use her help to raise my energy levels as much as currently possible and apply this work to rejuvenation. Kathy shares my interest in Ascension and is skilled in obtaining information by way of a pendulum. She has been tracking her own chronological physical age and finds it decreasing as her energy levels increase. These shifts are not yet visible but the younger age becoming visible is likely to be a shift that follows in due course, ergo rejuvenation as I currently understand it.
At this stage, humanity seems well short of the hundred monkeys where rejuvenation becomes readily available to all of humanity. In this stage, various people in various places are finding their way and becoming rejuvenated in long and arduous processes. On the multiple sources of rejuvenation timeline, that is exactly as one might expect and I am throwing my shoulder to this wheel, targeting to become rejuvenated by whatever means present themselves and then do what I can to spread the phenomena to the rest of humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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3 Responses to Rejuvenation – Multiple Routes

  1. John,

    Thank you for this and all your blog entries as I am fascinated by your sheer determination to achieve rejuvenation.

    You are aware by our private discussions that my emphasis is on Ascension and the need for humanity and Ghia to heal our relationship, so that we all live together not by definitions of nationality, religion, race, culture and orientation but as a race of human being who respect each other for our values and for our respect and care for our Planet.

    Rejuvantion for me would be a huge bonus – I am just wary that many show an egoic desire for this rather than the main focus which has to be Ascension.

    Be Blessed John – you offer so much wisdom while highlighting the concerns that many of us incarnated here at this time share.

    Thank you/Tony – Singapore.

  2. shanewinter says:

    Hi John,

    I love your posts, WordPress allows me to get them in my inbox, so I have good material to read whilst travelling on the public transport system.

    In Love and Light

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