Universal Energy Scale

Ascension is the target, and my focus on rejuvenation is due to my belief that rejuvenation will assist humanity to prepare themselves for Ascension. Ascension can happen without rejuvenation and rejuvenation would then follow rather than precede rejuvenation. My personal target is to have as much of humanity as possible Ascend and rejuvenation promotes this target. You see, once a person Ascends they are invisible to those in the third dimension but rejuvenation can exist in either dimension and rejuvenated third dimensional humans are very visible in the third dimension. That is my motivation in targeting to become rejuvenated. I am then a wakeup call for all of humanity and many will begin their awareness and therefore their preparation for Ascension because of the attraction of rejuvenation.
A woman named Kathy Trew is visiting me about a week for now. She helped me about a year ago to raise my energy levels and our visit this year will target a further increase in my energy level with the intention of facilitating rejuvenation. We shall see. Kathy sees the universe in terms of an energy scale, where we are all headed upwards on this scale. At some point, we return to Source, the highest level of energy. What follows is an introduction to energy levels written on June 2 of last year, based on information provided by Kathy.
A little metaphysics to get us going. Each of us, in fact all things have an energy level. I am not talking about the energy to do things; I am talking about an intrinsic energy, the energy of your being. This level is quantifiable and we each at a subconscious level understand the energy level of others. This information does not register consciously in most of us, but we ‘know’ and it has a huge impact on our interactions with others. This energy level goes up and down depending on our actions including our thoughts but also has a certain stability reflecting our general state of spiritual evolution. When we learn our lessons, our energy level goes up and when we are brought a lesson, but refuse it, our energy level stays static and can even drop. In the early days of my journey soon after learning about past lives, I asked if my current energy level was a personal best and got a resounding ‘no!’ That gave me pause and reminded me of my personal need for humility.
Kathy gives me feedback on my energy level and periodically reports back to me. She also gives me insights into the relative energy levels for humanity and for Ascension. To give you a rough idea, the average for humanity at present is somewhere in the range of one million. That has six zeros. Entry level for Ascension is in the range of one hundred billion, which has eleven zeros. That blew me away. A quantum leap is moving up one zero, going from one million to ten million, or from ten million to one hundred million. This is five quantum leaps for humanity. No wonder we need all kinds of help.
The dimensions are linked to these energy levels. Our dimension, the third dimension has a lower limit for sentient life that is not much less than one million. When humanity was genetically reengineered back in the time of Atlantis, we were deliberately limited to the low end for third dimensional sentient life forms, what some call partial rather than full consciousness. Ascension is the fifth dimension and its entry level energy is one hundred billion. Obviously the fourth dimension is somewhere in between and the sixth is somewhere above one hundred billion.
At the higher dimensions, physical bodies are no more and beings are pure energy without physicality. Humanity’s destiny, the target for this great experiment, is to achieve the highest dimension possible for a physical being. What dimension that is, I cannot currently say, but I am confident that it is higher than the fifth; in other words, Ascension is but a step in humanity’s evolution, not the end goal, not the limit of our design capabilities. Our galaxy is home for sixth dimensional civilizations and also seventh, and perhaps some eighth and ninth, but higher than that has yet to evolve in the Milky Way. That does not mean it does not exist, but not here yet.
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