Elevating a Part

The learning I did in uncovering my anger and holding it close to be examined and explored was profound and caused me to wander for a day integrating and accepting aspects of myself that had long been repressed. Years ago, I adopted the premise that all aspects of me; good and bad, wanted and unwanted, constructive and destructive, had to be accepted and integrated into the whole. Otherwise, they become like guerrilla fighters and go underground but do not disappear and come back in weak moments and cause undesirable results down the road. By accepting them and integrating them into the whole, their positive intentions are discovered and they invariably prove willing to take a constructive and often lesser role supporting the whole.
What I discovered in this case was a part of me that has suffered a great deal of external prosecution and which I had repressed out of self preservation. In addition, that part is a major piece of who I am and a piece I deeply respect and honour. That part is part I want to elevate in status and give more say in how I conduct my life and live my mission. The process of integration is the same and much of that took place over the better part of a day and a second night living with this newly discovered repressed part of me.
Time to get specific. This part of me is a part that believes in equality and sees all forms of elitism as destroying equality and creating dysfunctions leading to ruin. Let’s call it my equality part. My equality part has fought many battles in the past and lost most of them in the last several thousand years which is the reason my equality part was being repressed. Conditions have shifted and are further shifting in favour of my equality part and it is time to elevate my equality part into a prominent role within the whole and give my equality part a major voice in all aspects of my life.
The process of integration began yesterday after my writing the day before had discovering the prominent role my equality part has played in many of my past lives. I am now beginning to understand that my equality part is central to my mission for this lifetime. As such, instead of negotiating a lesser role for my equality part supporting the whole, I am in the process of negotiating a leading role for my equality part, perhaps directing the whole. The process is the same, just a different focus.
As usual, writing has proven very empowering and has uncovered my truth about these issues. I am also getting truth jolts indicating that I can choose to elevate the status of a part in the same way as I can choose to reduce the status of a part. The whole chooses and the parts are more than willing to serve the whole, especially once the part’s positive intention is understood and honoured.
My equality part’s positive intention is to choose a timeline that honours each human being as having individual sovereignty. My equality part’s positive intention is playing a leadership role in having that timeline adopted by all of humanity, both that portion moving forward into the fifth dimension and that portion remaining behind in the third dimension. Until very recently, I thought the fifth dimensional timeline was a given, but I now see residual efforts to continue timelines of elitism into the fifth dimension. It is my opinion that these efforts will backfire and cause another Fall down the road (similar to the Fall of Atlantis) and the best chance of preventing such an undesirable outcome is to elevate my equality part into prominence.
I choose to elevate this repressed part, my equality part, and give it a central role in choosing the direction I take in this lifetime and the focus of my mission, always from a position of surrender to Divinity and of following the guidance given me.
Freedom for humanity…


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