Sex and Freedom

A lot happened this weekend and one thing is calling to be written about so the rest can come forth. It is not a blockage as such, more like a queue that has a certain order that must be observed. Kathy arrived an hour or two late and quite disoriented from being lost in Calgary for a couple of hours. Kathy was traveling with a friend named Nancy whose husband died in a car accident when their two boys were one and two years old and she has been a devoted single mum for the last sixteen or so years, by choice avoiding the complications of a live in boyfriend. All of that is changing with the boys graduating from high school this year and Nancy has been getting back into the dating scene, intending to resume the sexual aspect of her life.
My daughter went away for the weekend, leaving me to host and the house in my hands. A kind of party broke out with Nancy and I getting to know each other and Kathy and another house guest immersed in Kathy’s material and actually doing a session in the living room area. Nancy and I shared stories and compared philosophies and found a great deal of compatibility. Her catch line was, ‘It is all about love and none of the ship words are welcome in my world.’ There would be no relationships, friends but no friendships, and certainly no ownership. She was very funny and we spent the evening laughing and were not ready to retire when the other two were ready for bed. We sent them off and continued our private party and to no one’s surprise, ended up sleeping together.
I had been celibate for nearly three years, concentrating on my spiritual endeavours and on service to humanity, and my guides had not sent me any opportunities; so part of my celibacy was by choice, but the larger part was the lack of opportunity. I was impotent the first night and slept fitfully. The attraction remained and we went on a date the next day as Kathy did a session with another of my friends that afternoon. I showed Nancy parts of my favourite walking paths and went down to the Bow River as we continued to get to know each other and deepen the love between us. We were by now a couple and after my session with Kathy that evening, retired to bed and to hours of pillow talk and intimacy. The impotence thing continued although it did not prevent each of us from experiencing full and satisfying orgasms.
Nancy is a love goddess and was very gentle and understanding as we worked through and around this surprise development. We talked at length about what timeline I have been choosing and will choose in terms of my sexuality. Clearly the timeline I have been choosing is to be celibate until my completion comes into my life. Nancy was a gift from the universe to show me other options, rather than celibacy until my completion becomes available. The impotence is all related and I know all of this is in the realm of mind and spirit, not in the realm of the physical.
Two things are now clear to me. First, my mission is currently my priority. Second, I choose to be fully human as I move into Ascension and beyond; and fully human includes a fully functioning sex life, filled with love and sharing. Nancy’s brand of love without the ‘ships’ is exactly what I am targeting and intend as I move forward. There is no ownership in any cohabitation that I would choose. We each must be free. Free to come together by choice and free to pursue our individual lives by choice and free to love each other in whatever ways we mutually choose, also by choice.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Sex and Freedom

  1. Purvi Beri says:

    This is so true John and I am so glad I was guided to click on the link today. Love and Light, Purvi.

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