Being Sure

Being sure about something has a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, it has one major disadvantage. It stands in the way of seeing the evidence that it is wrong. For much of my life I have been sure about things; that is one of the reasons I have been successful at most of the things I have done as being sure gives you a spring in your step and a willingness to step out into the void, into the unknown because being sure means there is something to step onto, whatever it might be. There has always been something for me to step onto so I do not regret my assuredness, I do not regret being sure.
Now the tricky stuff. What I have been sure of keeps changing. As I have become more and more open to truth and to finding truth in all things, evidence keeps coming forward that destroys one truth and I take that opportunity to create another. The process is always a little discombobulating, sometimes more than others but always at least a little. Recently, evidence came forward to destroy a large block of what I was sure about in an area where I am becoming an expert. That created major discombobulation.
I am talking about Ascension. For the past year or two, I have had faith that one source has been accurate or at least the channelled material from that source has been accurate. The material from this source has always resonated and passed my discernment filters and I have accepted channelled material from this source as truth and built it into my truth. In the past month or so, a major shift has taken place within me and I no longer trust anything this source has to say. Because a good deal of information from this source has been incorporated into my belief system, I am now in that uncomfortable stage of not knowing what to believe and not knowing how much of what I currently believe is valid and how much is based on false evidence.
This past weekend exacerbated all of this. I trust my guides and when they guide me in a certain direction, I know there is good stuff for me in that direction. This past weekend was all guided and achieved by following my guidance. I know I was guided to contact Kathy to further my mission and my journey. Trouble is, I make assumptions and assumptions can take me on detours. My assumption was that Kathy had the information necessary to further my mission and speed me on my journey. What I did not know is that Kathy was travelling with Nancy and the only way I could meet Nancy was for Kathy to visit. Clearly Nancy had a wealth of information for me and my mission. The question now becomes, was that the reason I was to contact Kathy; and how much value was the information Kathy gave me.
My intuitive approach has been to immerse myself in Nancy’s information and to leave aside Kathy’s information as being of secondary value. That seems entirely accurate. It is not that Kathy’s information is inaccurate or that it is not germane to what I am to do; it is that the important information and the important interactions occurred with Nancy. Meeting Nancy is the reason spirit guided me in this direction and Kathy’s information is not critical one way or the other. There was the truth jolt confirming what I have written.
That makes a big difference and perhaps I can move ahead with what I am to do and the direction I am to go having made this distinction. I still have the job of sorting out the false information from the source I no longer trust, but I now have this past weekend sorted out and can use that as part of my new foundation in terms of moving forward. I am not far from a major breakthrough, which is being confirmed in all kinds of ways. Thank you, guides. Thank you, Source.
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One Response to Being Sure

  1. Your blog is full of great wisdom John – and yet the experience of “chaos reigning” is not always a pleasant experience, as the wanderer who seeks the truth will experience many hills and dales in their eternal search. We are told to use our own discernment and intuition to sort out the wheat from the chaff and we will “just know” that what we are being lead to.

    This is something I learned a very long time ago, however the higher the vibration the process of discernment becomes more difficult. The higher one vibrates can also lead one to be ignoring of some lower energies that can creep in and unknowingly influence or perceptions. Or so I thought!

    Recently I experienced a story involving Amma the “Hugging Saint”, as people all over the world clamor to experience a Hug from this lady when she is in town. For 30 years Indian Spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi has been doing this work leading many to give her a saintly nickname. However at a local event Amma had some technical difficulties with the lighting, and she shouted at the technician in charge to correct the problem. Some in the audience were very surprised to see a different aspect of this great lady, who just exudes the energy of Love.
    I was already aware of shadow energies, and I saw this experience as a means of understanding that Amma when she needs to get something done uses her shadow energy, while very quickly returning to her loving self that attracts millions around the world. Anybody who is familiar with Debbie Ford’s work will understand totally that we need to have to have a good and not so good side as that makes up our complete energy, and that being aware and able to control how we deal with life situations we are more complete.

    I have also experienced those whose intention is to be “fluffy and nice” as a recognizable personality but yet the same person can use words like “hate” when it suits them. I congratulated this person showing what I described as true colors, but instead I was seeing that they too are capable of acknowledging that their “life pendulum” does in fact swing. If that person where to recognize that in order to be complete we need to be able to acknowledge how our energies work, thy would feel and acknowledge their own true being.

    The purpose of the analogy of Amma is to highlight that all that is necessary is to be aware of our true self and the scenario you describe is but experiencing different energies and your understanding as to which is the correct course, for your own experience. The message you are referring to and the personality behind them is also subject to that pendulum of life.

    Your experience meeting these two souls was a watershed of sorts and you are correct to feel the way you do, but a greater understanding that our personalities and the diverse ways we react is totally normal and you are to be congratulated for expressing your internal emotions so very clearly.

    God Bless you john.

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