Rejuvenation and the Dimensions

I am targeting to raise my intrinsic energy, with the intention of pioneering rejuvenation. In this intention, I become one of the multiple sources for this Divine gift to all of humanity. I believe rejuvenation is available in the third dimension and can be made available to all of humanity, not just the portion who chooses to Ascend into the fifth dimension.
Part of my weekend communications with Nancy was a dialogue about my views on the dimensions. The third dimension is where most of us live right now, characterized by density and delays in terms of manifesting our desires. It is a mess right now principally because the ruling elite has commandeered the third dimension and created a world with two classes of people, the ruling elite with all the power and control and the masses who do their bidding.
The fourth dimension exists in parallel with the third. It is the realm of black magic and of white magic, the world inhabited by a small portion of humanity, both by the ruling elite who primarily use black magic and by the few commonly called Lightworkers who use white magic and defend the masses from the ruling elite’s intended subjugations. Immediately, Nancy said, ‘Oh, that is the dimension I live in.’ Absolutely correct.
The principle marker of the fourth dimension is the ability to create much more rapidly than in the third and to access other-worldly resources while creating. This is the realm of magic or miracles, well know to both factions in the fourth dimension. The battle ground for control of humanity and control of this beautiful and beleaguered planet has always taken place in the fourth dimension and the third dimension is simply along for the ride. Since the Fall of Atlantis, the ruling elite and black magic have held the upper hand, but that is shifting and Lightworkers and white magic will be taking over. The third dimension will be a much more beautiful and self sustaining world once this shift takes place since humanity’s current enslavement and humanity’s current plunder of Mother Earth are artificially imposed by the ruling elite.
Ascension is moving into the fifth dimension, and because the portal has some unique pass codes, the normal progression will not be followed. Those currently spending time in the fourth dimension will not necessarily be the ones who progress. In fact, the principle pass code is whether your heart favours service to others or service to self. The ruling elite is all about service to self and people with a service to self orientation cannot cross through this portal into the higher dimensions; thus the fourth dimensional ruling elite is stuck in the lower dimensions. Rejuvenation is similar in that only those with a service to others orientation can rejuvenate. The Lightworkers, those using white magic and miracles, have a service to others orientation and they will be leading the process of Ascension; they will be on the vanguard of Ascension.
The markers of the fifth dimension are not well understood, but the density is much decreased and the intrinsic energy of fifth dimension is much elevated. Humanity will be taking their physical bodies into the fifth dimension, either the first or one of the first inhabitants of the fifth dimension using a physical body as the container of the individuated vessel for living beings. Mythical beings like unicorns, dragons, and fairies will be commonplace since they already exist in the higher dimensions and many although not all of our existing life forms will be moving with us into this higher dimension. Humanity’s physical body will be shifted and changed in order to thrive in the elevated energies of the fifth dimension and rejuvenation is a first step in this process. Rejuvenation is also available within the fourth dimension and can coexist within the third dimension. That seems part of the work I am to do.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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2 Responses to Rejuvenation and the Dimensions

  1. shanewinter says:

    Thanks John, this is awesome, what you are doing for humanity and the way you explain it.

    • Thanks, Shane. As I move along my path, it is becoming ever more clear that service to others is the foundation of a life well lived. That is a marked shift from how I saw things in my youth when competition rather than service took centre stage.

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