Taking Inventory

A little personal history to set the stage. Three years ago to the month, I left my wife, my home, the work I was doing and the Toronto area; my whole way of life. My wife and I had a fully functioning sex life at the time and had never experienced any form of sexual dysfunction. Lots of other dysfunction but in bed we were always very compatible and in our over seventeen years of marriage I never had another sexual partner.
I immediately hooked up with another woman and had a three month relationship with lots of sex and many orgasms but no intercourse. We were not right for each other but I ignored my guidance for the duration of our relationship. A month or two after that ended, I became aware that I had brought prostate cancer into my field and was miraculously cured. I was rooming with a gifted energetic healer who diagnosed the problem and informed me of the coming healing. There were no doctors, no medical diagnosis, and no human interventions; instead, a full and what I assumed to be complete healing by miraculous means orchestrated by other-worldly agents who came later that same night.
The long and the short is that I had not mounted a woman since leaving my wife and assumed everything was in working order because it all worked during masturbation. Last weekend I took a woman to bed for the first time in nearly three years and found I was impotent. Since then I have been doing my research to learn all I can about this surprise development with the intention of returning to a fully functioning and complete sex life, including all the options available to me at the time I left my marriage.
What did I find? My erection is different. It is softer and still works for orgasms but not for penetration. When did this happen? Last night, it came to me; what I thought was a full and complete healing from prostate cancer was something less. The disease is gone but my erection is not the same in the ways previously mentioned. That casts things in a new light.
When I check in with my body based wisdom, I learn that using the normal methods to return to full sexual functionality will not work. This change is not reversible except possibly by drugs and that is a place I am not prepared to go, at least not yet.
The truth does set me free and this is my truth. That is where I am and there is great power in that realization.
What options does that leave me? There are plenty of options and my heart wisdom is becoming quite clear. One option is to target a miraculous healing of this particular dysfunction. In this scenario, the same miraculous process that healed my prostate cancer would correct the residual damage caused by the disease. Another option is to continue my focus on rejuvenation. Rejuvenation will reverse this disability in the same way it will correct my eyesight that has never been 20/20 in this lifetime and reverse the various ailments of age that I have collected along the way.
Looked at in this way, rejuvenation is the cure to this particular sexual dysfunction which becomes simply one more of the various decaying capabilities that will be returned to me through the miraculous process of rejuvenation.
Suddenly, it is all making sense. It feels as though rejuvenation is not far off and this knowing was brought to me at this time so I could be aware and properly grateful when rejuvenation restores my fully functioning sexuality, along with many other things imperfect from birth or lost along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Freedom for humanity…


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