Two Tiered Change

For the last two and a half years, I have had little interaction with the outside world. I have lived a semi-reclusive life in my daughter’s home in a new city with few local friends. My days are spent writing, meditating, walking and researching materials of interest and my evenings usually have the TV tuned into some sporting event or another. I do not watch the news, believing as I do that the ruling elite is manipulating the news and editing out those things in which I would be interested. The internet is a good source of information about the kind of things that interest me and I consider myself far better informed than those who read the paper and watch the news. Informed about what you might ask?
Major change is coming and for a large percentage of people, this change is going to catch them unprepared and be a shock to their system. The world as we know it is about to be turned upside down. The third dimension has always coexisted with the fourth dimension where magic and miracles abound and the third dimension has been our focus for millennia since the Fall of Atlantis, but the fourth dimension is about to become dominant. Rejuvenation will be introduced into the fourth dimension and start to become available to those living in the third dimension. Current unsustainable practices will end and be replaced with sustainable practices.
The ruling elite will be losing their grip on power and their support systems will be swept asunder which means our entire economic systems will implode. International banking systems will be no more, the current financial world will crumble along with all the major currencies, free energy will replace oil as humanity’s primary energy source and the artificially imposed scarcity will be replaced by abundance. The extraterrestrials will be welcomed by those who replace the ruling elite and will make themselves known and assist with technologies of abundance and expertise in sustainable practices. The present huge and growing gap between the haves and the have nots will vanish and be no more. This gap is and has long been artificially imposed by the ruling elite in an attempt to create two classes of people. Earth as we know it will become fourth dimensional with magic and miracles abounding.
All of these are third/fourth dimensional changes which run parallel with an even bigger change happening within humanity and within Mother Earth. That change is Ascension. Many of those effecting change in the third dimension will be Ascending which means they will be moving into the fifth dimension. Because the third and the fifth dimension cannot coexist, the coming change will be quite complex and include a process called bifurcation where one earth miraculously becomes two. The fifth dimensional earth will continue in its present location because energies beamed from the center of the universe support it and the third dimensional clone will be elsewhere. All of humanity is being offered the opportunity to Ascend, to move into the fifth dimension. The major pass code is service to others and those with a service to others orientation will be capable of Ascending. Those with a service to self orientation cannot pass through the Ascension portal and that includes nearly all of the current ruling elite.
Many of us, me included, have missions in both the third and the fifth dimension and some with the credentials to Ascend will choose to stay behind to complete their third dimensional missions. My third dimensional mission seems to be related to rejuvenation and to making this Divine gift available to those who stay behind. The Ascension pass code of service to others applies to rejuvenation and so rejuvenation is only available to those with a service to others orientation. Simply put, a service to self orientation is the driving force behind aging since this orientation attracts the transition we know as death in order for souls to spend time on the other side of the veil in the undiluted presence of Source where the folly of violating universal law is self apparent.
Freedom for humanity…


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