Today is Victoria Day and a holiday in Canada. Its origins is an English celebration of the Queen’s birthday and it falls on the second last Monday of May, a beautiful time of the year here in Canada as spring is in full bloom and the world has turned from the drab browns of winter and early spring to the vibrant greens and colours of full blown spring and summer.
I am a week past the learning and expansion of the previous weekend and in that indeterminate period of time that the insect kingdom captures so succinctly as the pupa stage. This is a stage of transmutation as the caterpillar has spun its cocoon and is now in the mushy state between the caterpillar it had been and the butterfly it is becoming. This is also a stage of inactivity, a stage in which I am not ready to face the world. The caterpillar has the good sense and innate wisdom to let go and let God, to surrender to the universal wisdom and creative patterns of intelligence much greater than its own.
Do I have that same good sense? Mostly since this type of transition has happened in the past and I know I cannot rush the transition process. It has a mind and a life of its own. I have been on a surrendered path now for more than five years and this feels very familiar, but a part of me chaffs at the inactivity of this period and that same part wants to hit the road running rather than spending time in my cocoon, morphing into something different from what I have been. I know there is no going back, I can no longer be what I have been, nor is there a desire to return to that formative stage; but I also have no desire to be in my cocoon.
Is there a fast forward button here somewhere? Alas, there is not and so I wait and wonder; what will I be? What will I know? What will I do when this period ends and I emerge ready for the next stage of my journey?
Freedom for humanity…


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