Honest Reflections

I had a new experience last night. My throat was getting sore, like an illness coming on and yet a part of me knew it was not an illness; it was clearing something through my throat chakra. Once this settled in as my truth, I began to release it, began to surrender it back to Source and a couple of strong jolts shook me as the energy, or at least part of it, left me and was transmuted as is always the way with energy. Energy is never good or bad, energy simply is; and when energy is stuck somewhere and then released, it returns to a useful form of one kind or another available for another round of creation. I follow my intuition when releasing energy. Some I ground to Gaia through my feet, some I send upwards through my crown, either to the sun or to the heavens, and some I surrender back to Source using the same process as I use when I find myself attached to something.
An attachment may have sprung up as it relates to Anya. It was so nice having a compatible energy in my field and especially nice sharing my bed and sharing sexual energy with someone compatible. So nice that I might have become attached. After writing this, I paused to see what my signals would say and a truth jolt followed. What do I do when I find myself attached to something, be it a person, a thing, or a concept of some kind? I surrender it back to Source since it is not mine and is only mine to hold or to use if it is returned to me.
The universe often works with me in these matters, often but not always; and the universe is working with me in this case. It is now about ten days since Anya left and after answering some of my early e-mails, she has gone silent. There are a number of possibilities to explain this lack of responsiveness; she is traveling and away from home as the plan was to travel with Kathy to Vancouver Island and visit friends there before returning home to southern Ontario and her family. The initial responses were squeezed into a busy schedule, fitting into the turmoil of travel and a companion wanting time and attention. Perhaps there has been no time, perhaps her e-mail is not currently functioning, perhaps other priorities have intervened; and perhaps Anya wants time and space that I have not been giving her.
Perhaps the purpose of our meeting was fulfilled during the whirl wind of our thirty six or forty hours together. These were wonderful hours for both of us and a natural response is to try and recreate that wonder and the joy of it all, and to manifest some additional time together. Doing a booth at a holistic show has been my main focus in an attempt to manifest more time together and I have taken a number of first steps. It is now up to Anya to take the next step, to approve the direction I am proposing and begin to share inputs. This has not yet happened.
In the week or so since last hearing from Anya, I have stepped back a little and tested my gut level responses. The universe is lukewarm about all of this. Yes, it could all work toward mutual benefits and be worked into both my path and Anya’s, but we are not meant to be together long term. When souls are created, they are created in pairs, each the completion of the other. Anya is not my completion, and my completion will be available to me after Ascension, after the winter solstice in nineteen months. That is a fairly narrow window and perhaps it does not serve both of us to work toward deepening our love for one another with such a narrow window.
The other thing is the work we would be doing together. It may not be what either of us is supposed to be doing. In my case, a part of me is standing and observing and thinking that my focus needs to be on rejuvenation and I am not yet ready to take rejuvenation into a trade show. Rejuvenation starts within me and anything that distracts my focus may not be supported.
Freedom for humanity…


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