Single Again

Becoming single again has been a more bumpy and rocky emotional ride than I would have expected. This speaks to a number of things, and one that comes to mind is my fundamental unease at living the life of a single person. I did not come into this lifetime with the intention of being single and each time I pass through the phase of being single a part of me cries out saying, ‘I object. I did not sign up for a lifetime as a single.’ A related part jumps at any chance to change my status and commit to someone who seems suitable. Men are notoriously commitment adverse; not me, I am prone to premature commitment and to over committing.
Everything has a time and a place and in the proper time and place there is no such thing as over commitment. When something is clearly right for me, it is not possible to over commit. Premature commitment may still be a problem as the other person has free will and may be put off by such action, but over commitment is not an issue.
This again brings us to the subject of my completion, a subject strongly linked to the events of these last few days. Who or what is my completion? When souls are created, they are created in pairs with each being the completion of the other. As we approach the state of living as our authentic self, we attract our completion and many of us choose to spend time with our completion. In general, this does not happen in the lower dimensions since while we are learning our lessons; the joys of being with one’s completion are wasted on us.
For several years now, I have been getting consistent information that my completion is available and will be joining me in this lifetime. That has factored into a number of my choices and continues as an underlying motivation for continuing my path and completing my mission. Some clarification is important here. A year and a half ago, I was impatient and asked that my completion come now instead of at some future date and was informed that my completion is not in this dimension and is not available to me until after I Ascend. This information has included more than one etheric visit by my completion as she visited me in this dimension and these experiences had great impact and great meaning to me.
There is no doubt in my mind that I intend to make myself available to my completion when she becomes available to me and so my willingness to commit is only to a certain level, something is withheld. Basically, I am available for a while, but with an expiry date to be determined by the arrival of my completion and then, all bets are off. When expressed in those terms, my tendency to over commit takes on a whole different meaning. Many males tagged with being commitment adverse might be far more willing to commit if they had an out clause like mine lurking in their future; if they had knowledge that their completion was on the way and all commitments made in the meantime would be null and void.
That is basically what I offer to potential partners at present and expressed in these terms, I can understand and sympathise with those who say thanks, but no thanks. Because of my circumstances, I am more than willing to settle for a short term relationship and that is all I can offer another, but I can relate to those who see this arrangement as inappropriate for them.
In view of all this, I am more than willing to live out these remaining months as a single and thus be able to have complete focus on my mission and be unencumbered when my completion becomes physically available.
Freedom for humanity…


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