Inelia Benz

I was sent the same video by two of my friends over the space of a few hours, which tells me something. It is over one hundred minutes in length and I watched it start to finish last night before going to bed and then re-watched a half hour part again today because it was so compelling. It is an interview of Inelia Benz done by Bill Ryan of Project Avalon. Here is the link for those interested:
http://www.galactic channelings. com/english/ inelia_benz. html

Inelia was born in Chile but left with her parents when the CIA backed coupe displaced Allende, restoring the ruling elite to power through Pinochet in 1973. Her mission is to raise the level of humanity’s collective consciousness so that a shift in consciousness occurs and the shift takes place with as little turmoil, destruction and loss of life as possible. She has never before been individuated in any incarnation, having lived outside of space and time until this incarnation. She, along with many others, responded to a call for help put out by those wanting to see the targeted shift for earth and humanity that I call Ascension. I have great resonance with Inelia and with her mission.
My path has been one of literally hundreds of human lifetimes on planet earth and thousands elsewhere, but we all are part of Source and we all return to Source when our work is complete. Inelia has the advantages of zero karma and an unpolluted connection with Source. I have the advantages of many past lives and friends made during previous incarnations. However, we are both human and as such carry the advantage of being human while these shifts are in the formative stages. One of the rules of this game is a rule of non-interference so that those who are not human cannot interfere while humans have a little more leeway, able to influence others and act on behalf of humanity. Inelia has seemingly superhuman powers but is quick to point out that every human has these powers; we simply have forgotten or been deceived into believing we do not. Those who target spiritual maturity inevitably reclaim these powers and I can attest to some of that already occurring in my life. Ascension will see these powers restored en masse.
One segment had particular resonance. Inelia was called to interact with a powerful and fully aware human being who has done atrocious things in this lifetime in service to the dark, things like human sacrifice including babies. She spent weeks listening to this man’s confession and ‘writing his book’. When that was done, she went etherically to his home, a large mansion and sat with him in his throne room. He was physically there and aware of her presence. Of his own free will, he asked for clemency and a tremendous jolt of Grace flowed through her and infused him, transforming him into a being of Light in the process. No judgement, no justice, no revenge and no karma…simply a transformation.
The human part of us says, ‘This is not fair. This is a bad man who deserves punishment and retribution.’ That human part is in the way of what is to happen and what we all hope will happen. Fortunately, Inelia did not indulge that human part of her and was able to be an agent, a lens as she calls it, through which Divinity could act.
A part of me wants to understand this transaction. It is my understanding that part of Universal Law is that unpleasant services such as this man excelled in attract life lessons and this law operates for us all. Perhaps this soul was on a Divine mission experimenting with the delivery of unpleasant services on behalf of Divinity and could therefore call for clemency. Perhaps there is a price to be paid and we do not get to see that price being extracted. Perhaps the price had already been paid. For our purposes, it does not matter. What matters is that a powerful force has been transformed and what was once darkness is now Light.
Freedom for humanity…

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5 Responses to Inelia Benz

  1. shanewinter says:

    Hi John,
    This was an awesome interview, I have a better grasp on your work relating to timelines. In terms of the interview with Inelia, I have a lot of work to do spiritually to awaken. A lot of work required to do is to stop listening to the ego and to start listening to the heart.
    Thank you for your contributions.

    • Thanks, Shane.
      You are doing a lot of work, congratulations.

      I have helped lots of people connect to their heart chakra. My basic technique is to indicate they are in their head and ask them to come down into their heart chakra. Immediately the energy shifts (gets quiet and clear) and we both notice, then I ask them their own heart chakra answer to what is bothering them. The results are astounding with unexpected wisdom coming forth, often the opposite to what they were saying while stuck in their head. They can and do use this same technique whenever they remember to do so. So can you.

      Love and Heart Centered Blessings to you Shane.

  2. John,

    A great deal more can be learned about Inelia as it would appear that she linked up with Bill Ryan as she was advised to for a purpose and the fruits are already available at the specific website and/or

    I love – this is how it should be done. Indeed a gift from God, and long overdue.

    “What you see is what you get. No hidden agendas, no mysteries, no sales pitch, no universal elixirs which will fix your life. Simply information and tools and information which YOU can use to understand and expand your life, or the planet (if that’s what your spirit is asking you to do). As you read this site, your gut feeling, or intuition, will tell you if it’s true and real and something you want to be reading, hearing and seeing, or not.”

    • All very true, Tony. Thanks for sending me the video and for your follow up information.
      Today’s blog has more on what to watch out for and move away from. Our shared experiences over the past few months is a good example.

      No one can take away our personal sovereignty without our permission.

  3. spentana says:

    Check out this website about Inelia Benz.

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