Techniques of the Ruling Elite

Let’s talk about some of the techniques used by the ruling elite to stay in power. Why? Because once we recognize these techniques it becomes much easier to spot them and once spotted they can be overcome or circumvented. Three techniques come immediately to mind: Disempowerment, fear, and misinformation. Each supports the other and rolled together, they are very potent.
An old saying goes that you can choose to think you can or can choose to think you can’t and you will be correct in either case. The ruling elite wants you and everyone else to think they can’t because then the collective timeline of humanity is defaulted into their self interested hands and the ruling elite chooses for all of humanity. Most of us do not choose our own personal timeline, instead accepting the timeline of the collective and jumping on board for the ride, a ride filled with scarcity and disempowerment. In truth, each of us can choose the timeline of our choice and live that timeline. An important note here is to check in with our heart while choosing our timeline. Timelines from our head are no less achievable, but they do not bring us our heart’s desire, nor do they serve the rest of humanity. Many of those on the path of choosing their own timeline are doing so from their head and adding to the woes of humanity and the woes of the planet.
Our media is filled with fear. Tune into a newscast or open a newspaper and fear jumps out from nearly every story. We are taught to focus on our fear and shown the most horrible things that happen on the planet, disasters, crime, dire forecasts; all focusing us on fear. Fear is the ruling elite’s most potent ally. No one can chose their own timeline and pursue their heart’s desire when focused on fear. Fear paralyses us and closes down the heart chakra.
The truth does set us free and people who are free are the last thing the ruling elite wants. The ruling elite are few in number, so a small percentage of free people who see through the ruling elite’s illusion can offset their coordinated efforts to control humanity’s collective timeline. The ruling elite’s most potent weapon against truth is misinformation and misinformation always mixes in half truths because that makes it all the more powerful. The ruling elite uses misinformation everywhere and one of their favourite techniques is to manipulate well meaning people to adopt it and spread it. The ruling elite know well meaning people make the most persuasive and authentic spokespersons. Misinformation is everywhere. There is misinformation about the atrocities committed by the ruling elite like 9/11, the gulf oil spill, various wars, banking scams, etc. There is misinformation about the extraterrestrials visiting us and offering their help. There is misinformation about the shifts (Ascension) that are coming and about our capabilities as human beings.
How can we pick our way through the minefield of disempowerment, fear and misinformation? One very effective way is to look at the methods employed by those giving us information. Do they empower, inspire and inform as Source does and as those exercising their connections to Source likewise do. If so, that is a sure sign they are authentic and serving humanity.
I consistently leave people and organizations that disempower me, that do not treat everyone as a sovereign being. I am learning that anything less than individual sovereignty is misinformation and is serving the ruling elite, either knowingly or unwittingly.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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