Shifting Guides

It had been eleven days since I last heard from Anya and I went walking. ‘I wonder if there is something in me that is in the way of communications.’ I went to my heart center and asked. ‘Yes’ came the answer. ‘You have an attachment.’ The bench where we sat together during our afternoon walk was on route and when I arrived, I chose to sit and release this attachment. I effect, I said goodbye to Anya and released my attachment to continuing communications.
I had no expectations, but later that evening, Anya was back in touch sending two e-mails. One was a brief explanation of her absence. She has been living outside of time and space for the last ten days and is now reintegrating into the land of the living. Here are some of her words: “I have been on a 10 day translucent search of my self and of my surroundings, dreaming, sleeping, not being awake for awhile makes it hard to come back to earth. I have not been able to float for awhile, but I was put into such surroundings that I could, what a beautiful experience it has been. To be able to live in the fourth dimension, no voice, no sight, no life.”
The other e-mail was an unusual request that I return to that same bench where we sat together and release all my guides, sit for fifteen minutes with no guides and then let my guides back in making sure I know and trust each and every one of them. This request resonated with me and before retiring for the night, I asked Source and my guides to help me in preparing to do what was asked.
Protection is an obvious issue as I am extremely vulnerable without guides and that has been one branch of my preparations. At a deep level, I know I am well protected and my protection originates with Source. I have requested this protection to be in place during this work and will re-ask when the time comes. That seems all that is necessary in this regard.
A less obvious issue is to make my intentions clear, both to myself and to my guides. Without clarity about my intentions, how can my present guides or my perspective guides know whether they want to serve in that capacity? All guides respect free will and with all the shifts that have taken place within me over the past few weeks, it is entirely possible that guides who were appropriate before the shifts are no longer appropriate.
What are my intentions? First and foremost, I no longer intend to support Richard and Carolyn. In fact, I no longer trust their information. That is a significant shift, something I am moving away from.
What am I moving toward? I continue to work toward preparations for Ascension including rejuvenation, but am now finding my own way targeting a timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and making this Divine gift available to all of humanity. This timeline is founded on individual sovereignty which is a more precise definition of equality. We are all equals and the gift of rejuvenation is not to come through any one person, rather it is to come through many and be available all. This timeline exists and my current focus is to popularize this timeline by pioneering rejuvenation and supporting others doing the same thing. A great deal of support is being made available to me, so I know this timeline has fans in the unseen world.
Rejuvenation is a natural part of the fifth dimension and that will look after itself. In my view, rejuvenation is also to be made available to those in the third dimension and the timeline of my choice does this while preventing those who value control from locking it away from the rest of humanity, something that has happened with many Divine gifts in the past.
I ask my present guides if they support that intention and if so, if they have the skill levels required for manifesting this intention into the world of form. This will all be sorted out over the next few hours and it seems my preparations are now complete.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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4 Responses to Shifting Guides

  1. Velma R. Mathias says:

    Hi John, Can you be more specific about Richard and Carolyn and why you don’t trust their information? Thanks, Velma

    • shanewinter says:

      I read so much all over the internet, I’ve not yet received the gift to be able to hear my guides, therefor take everyone’s word what is being said. But I don’t discredit any one either. I prefer formulating a bigger picture from all the puzzle pieces. I wish I can hear my guides speaking to me.

      In Love and Light

      • My guides do not speak audibly. It is more a knowing that forms within me, like telepathy.

        About six years ago, I did some past life journeys with a gifted facilitator who lives near Ottawa. During the process, he introduced me to my guides and that work was very useful on this occasion. I tell you this to empower you. We each have guides, it is part of being human, but they go unnoticed for many of us. You are expressing a desire to hear your guides and that is an important step forward. For me, the next step would be to take the intention of manifesting my desire and then releasing that intention into the universe and allowing it to be made manifest without prejudging the form it takes.

        All in it’s own way and with it’sown timing, Shane. You are progressing very fast right now. Be gentle with yourself.

    • Hi Velma,
      I believe we are all equals in the eyes of the Creator. My experience with Richrad was that he is unwilling to treat others as his equal.
      I believe we are each individually sovereign. That means we each report directly to our Creator which means no one has authority over anyone else. ‘Chosen one’ scenarios are suspect in my view, as are single source scenarios for bringing forth Divine gifts.
      I believe angels and mortals are just two parts of the whole, not separate and certainly not unequal entities. That whole is humanity and I am a human who happens to have angelic roots. Focusing on being an angel creates division and hierarchy. We are all human and each of us has unique skills and capabilities. My choice is to focus on working together and serving all of humanity. My focus is to work with like-minded others, be they angels or be they mortals, and serve all of humanity as we move toward Ascension.

      Hope this helps, Velma. Do what is right for you, not what someone else tells you to do. The path Richard is walking is not right for me. My path is one of multiple sources of rejuvenation available to all of humanity. My path is individual sovereignty where none of us has authority over anyone else and we each pursue our individual life missions.


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