Shifting Guides – My Experience

And so, properly prepared by yesterday’s blog off I set to powwow with my guides. I walked slowly both because I was in no hurry and because of a certain level of trepidation, not fear, more like respectfulness for what was to come. All of that feels so Native American in tone and in approach and Anya who suggested I do this and coached me is part Native American.
It was a beautiful day and when I arrived, I sat for several minutes becoming one with the place and making it my own. Two geese, likely a mating pair and three male mallard ducks swam nearby and the geese came and ate grass within ten or so feet of me before sailing off to other pursuits.
It took some time, but finally I was ready to begin. I asked Source for protection as I worked and then asked my guides to leave explaining the entire process so all would be aware. One by one they left. I have five guides surrounding my head; front, back, left, right and above. The one above was the the last to go and went reluctantly. She is a kind of hitchhiker who joined me last fall; a week or so after that spot above my crown chakra was vacated when my higher self moved out and into my heart centre. She called herself Mirsha and has an agenda related to Ascension and homeless children.
I then sat in meditation for several minutes getting a feel for being without guides. It was peaceful and not frightening in any way, nor did I feel the least bit vulnerable. I was just me. It may be possible to live in this state but that was not my current agenda. Once acclimatized, I stood and walked to the point of land thirty feet from where I sat. My balance was shaky but otherwise, I was fine. There I stood, with no particular agenda and thoughts began to come about the functions of my five guides and the upgrades I would like in terms of the guides who returned or came to me to fill the vacancies.
My front guide is about love and she is perfect and invited back. My right hand guide is a dragon who came around the millennium to help me with my mission. Also perfect and invited back. My left hand guide has been about information and I want to shift slightly and have it be about truth. My back guide is about my body and an upgrade is desirable. Rejuvenation is about perfection and about a whole different creation and the guide who left was about maintenance and about making do. The guide above my crown chakra is another upgrade candidate and Mirsha was not invited back. It came to me that I wanted a guide skilled at creating a strong yet flexible connection to Source in that important location.
Okay, let’s fill the vacancies. Slowly and one by one, each vacancy was filled. The two incumbents were first to resettle, then my body guide, definitely someone new to me, but skilled and experienced. Then my knowledge/truth guide who may be someone new or possibly the incumbent with a slightly different focus. Finally, my new crown chakra guide came and the process was complete. I opened my eyes and there were the two geese and three male ducks all swimming by in front of me, crossing from right to left in a kind of salute.
The process was complete and I began to walk home, slightly nauseous from the shifts but in good spirits. ‘Slowly’, said my guidance. ‘Is anything left undone?’ I asked. ‘All is complete’ came the answer. I took the difficult way home, through the ravine and by the time I was home, things had settled into place.
By that evening, my crown chakra guide was becoming known to me. He seems another version of myself, a version I would call my highest self. In that configuration, my higher self resides in my heart chakra and my highest self resides above my crown chakra. Very nice, very nice indeed.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to Shifting Guides – My Experience

  1. shanewinter says:

    Beautiful and awesome. This is the second source I have read about changing guides. With due respect, maybe my current guides are not suitable assisting me prepare and awaken for acension, it could also be my ego saying this. Thank you John.

    • Thank you Shane. Today’s blog called Shifting Guides – Aftermath addresses many of the issues you bring up. It can certainly happen that we outgrow our guides, especially with all the energies that are being beamed our way as a new era of Light dawns.
      As for discerning between heart based guidance and ego, I suspect you know the difference already. If not, Inelia’s video had some good clues on how to do this. Sort of like calibrating a lie detector.

      Love your dedication, Shane.

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