Shifting Guides – Aftermath

After writing my blog yesterday, I was done for the day and took some down time, playing computer games, and generally relaxing. Shifting guides is a major action and one that should not be entered into lightly. My role is to share my experience, nothing more and nothing less, and what others choose to do with my experience is up to them.
It seems likely that a few copycats will take a detour or two trying to replicate my experience, but most know that to be both unwise and impossible. We can only have our own experience and attempting to copy someone else’s can get us into trouble. That does not mean we cannot learn from the experience of another, nor does it mean we cannot make use of parts of another’s journey and apply it to our own. Shifting guides is a good example. It had never occurred to me that I could do such a thing until it was suggested and I immediately knew it would benefit me and make progress toward my mission. I had a good coach in Anya and did a thorough job of preparation; thus I went into the crucible well prepared and no beings with agendas different from my own could interfere or take advantage of the shifts I was doing.
That seems the main message and the warning I am asked to share. Yes it is within the power of anyone to shift their guides, and it is entirely possible that readers may benefit from a similar experience; but make sure you are doing it out of heart centred guidance and that you are well prepared. As Stephen Covey would say, begin with the end in mind. That way, you will be protected and attract guides appropriate for what your heart’s desires.
It is two days later and a warm glow is with me as feedback continues that it was a job well done. Anya shared her reason for making the suggestion in the first place and it seems that one of my guides had an agenda different from my own. Since my agenda shifted substantially in mid April, to one of leading rather than following, that is not surprising. As clarification, a guide with its own agenda is not uncommon. As an example, my dragon guide called Destiny who joined me around the turn of the century has a clear and definite agenda of supporting me in manifesting my life’s mission. I have free will and can do something else or even ask this guide to leave, but as long as she is with me, that is her agenda. As it is, she is perfect and together we walk the path of doing what I came to do.
A few words on the early aftermath of shifting my guides. My body guide made itself known during the early minutes after the shift. The old guide was not proactive and was very good at adapting. That works for aging gracefully, but is not so good for agendas that include rejuvenation. As an example, I am near sighted and my eyesight is much less that twenty-twenty. I have long targeted a restoration of my eyesight to that human standard of perfection, but it has not happened. My new body guide picked up on this immediately and things are happening. Part of rejuvenation is to correct imperfections, be they from birth or acquired over time. A proactive body guide and one skilled in such matters seems an asset given the target of being one of many who pioneer rejuvenation and make it available to all of humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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