Creating a Timeline

These new guides are shifting things fast in my private and expanding world. I went to bed early last night with my ‘take action now’ signal going off big time. It is a pain in the solar plexus chakra that goes away when I take the appropriate action. It does not come with written instructions and sometimes it is trial and error and if that does not work, I ask for help and follow my intuition.
My practice when energies are being sent me is to be in my heart chakra and use the calmness and connections to Divinity to turn the energies into a gift as they flow through me. The essential premise being: Divinity does not send me anything other than gifts for my benefit. I was doing this and my ‘take action now’ signal was going berserk which is quite painful and carries the well known information that doing what I usually do is not right in this case.
By intuition, I went to my third eye chakra and the signal went away. For a while, I would slip back and forth between being in my third eye (no pain) and being in my heart (pain) and each time, I would return to my third eye. Once I got the knack of staying in my third eye, I drifted off to sleep. I woke several times with various images including one I knew to be a page from the Akashic records. I didn’t read it, but as I watched, the writing disappeared as though written in invisible ink and the page became blank; then new writing appeared. The meaning became clear to me. By being in my third eye chakra, I am creating in accordance with the timeline of my choice, creating in accordance with the multiple sources timeline. By being in my third eye, I am rewriting the Akashic records for other aspects of me, aspects that live in other timelines and perhaps in other dimensions. What I am creating here and now, with my intention and my clarity about the timeline of my choice, is re-writing Akashic records already posted. Mind blowing stuff.
I remember Inelia Benz saying that other timelines exist and on these timelines, humanity is doing much better and is far more advanced. What comes to me is that the ruling elite’s last stronghold is this particular timeline and although they cannot prevent Ascension, they can still make the transition turbulent and riddled with death and destruction. The timeline of my choice is a potential timeline to replace the timeline we are currently collectively following. My part is to create a personal reality on the multiple sources timeline. Once that personal reality is created, it will attract others to the timeline and the possibility exists of a mass exodus from the existing timeline into the newly created timeline and the rest as they say would be history, and a rewrite of the collective Akashic records. Apparently I do my part, create my personal reality, by being in my third eye chakra. That is the chakra of creation. Interesting night to say the least.
After leaving the timeline of following someone else claiming to be bringing forth rejuvenation, the universe immediately made available alternative routes toward rejuvenation which I am currently pursuing and put me on a steep learning curve especially relative to timelines and sovereignty. The hitchhiker guide was supporting this leader and now that she is gone, I have been cutting the remaining cords. It is becoming clear to me that this leader is supporting an agenda of the ruling elite, an agenda of preventing rejuvenation from coming to the planet. He may be aware of doing this, but my sense is he has unwittingly taken the bait and is a well intentioned dupe.
I am a serious threat to the agenda of suppressing rejuvenation and do not have the luxury of flying under the radar, thus I am a target. Inelia had important information about dealing with dark agendas. Her advice was observe but do not engage as they will swallow you up. Thus far, that is working for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Freedom for humanity…


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