Shifting Guides – A Week Later

A week ago today I shifted my guides using a process suggested by a friend. After a day of preparations and several years of becoming ready, I went to a sacred place, got myself into a quiet and meditative state, invoked the protection of Divinity and then asked all my current guides to leave. After at least twenty minutes, I was ready to fill the vacancies. Two of my five guides were perfect and invited back. One needed a slight tweak and returned with a different focus and two were replaced with guides more in tune with my present intentions and the mission I am pursuing. A word of caution: This is my experience and each of us is different in terms of the number and location of our guides, so it may have limited application to your particular situation.
A week later, I would like to share aspects of congruency and integration.
Congruency is being on the same page or at least a similar page in each and every situation. A measure of congruency in an organization is to ask a variety of the people a question like, ‘What is the purpose of this organization?’ If they all give similar answers the organization is congruent. Our guides have a great deal of influence on how we are seen by others and how we see ourselves. Neither of the guides who were not invited back was congruent with my current intention of manifesting the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation available to all of humanity as my personal reality.
By body based guide was into aging gracefully and had no experience with rejuvenation and with returning the body to its design perfection. This made me incongruent as I targeting things like twenty-twenty vision and rejuvenation itself. A part of me, in this case a very influential part, did not share my intention of returning my body to its design perfection let alone the larger target of rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is a reversal of the ravenges of time, plus a number of body changes to allow the body to carry more energy and more Light. Thus, when I communicated on the subject of rejuvenation, there was a level of incongruence within me, and incongruence has to be dealt with before complex changes can be accomplished. Divinity will not act in the presence of incongruence; after all, free will is to be respected and a part of me was not on board. The replacement guide has experience with rejuvenation and is fully on board in terms of bringing rejuvenation into my experience, thus a new-found level of congruency.
Even more important in terms of congruency is the guide residing above my crown chakra. This guide plays a coordinating function, both within me and in my interactions with the world of spirit. I knew the incumbent would not be invited back and this was confirmed during the process. The incumbent had been with me for only six months or so, filling a vacancy left by my higher self when it chose to relocate to my heart chakra. When I shifted my focus in mid April, I moved even further away from the incumbent’s agenda and there was more and more reason to distrust this guide and her intentions. The replacement guide is slowly becoming known to me and seems another version of myself. My higher self continues to reside in my heart chakra, giving me a wonderful level of local congruency and the guide above my crown chakra seems an even higher version of self, a version I am calling my highest self. A wonderful arrangement for congruency.
Integration is another aspect of such changes. Here I am far more congruent than before, with no dissenting voices as it relates to the timeline of my choosing. How do I act? What do I do? What are my next steps? All these questions and more are coming up for me. The answer over the past few days and continuing into this present moment is, ‘Rest and integrate. Prepare for what is to come.’
Freedom for humanity…


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