Individual Sovereignty

As I am integrating the shifts that have taken place over the past week or so and settling into the expanding sense of congruency that came with them; I am realizing an attachment to rejuvenation and a broader knowing that my mission and my path is more about free will and may or may not touch on rejuvenation, at least in this dimension.
My true interest and my gift to humanity is individual sovereignty. Individual sovereignty and free will are linked but are not the same. One of the liabilities of thinking in terms of free will is that we are each free to violate the free will of others. This is what the ruling elite have done and in fact what they specialize in doing. They exercise their free will in self interested ways that violate the free will of the masses. In order to do this, they have invented convoluted sovereignty equations that force sovereignty upward, so that only the rich and powerful or those born into high positions can expect sovereignty in this world.
What I truly want to do is bring individual sovereignty into the third dimension and keep lesser forms of sovereignty out of the higher dimensions.
My personal journey into becoming authentic and honouring my Divine purpose has been all about individual sovereignty. Slowly and by degrees, I found aspect of my life and of me that were not sovereign or did not honour the sovereignty of others or myself. As I found these aspects, I took the intention of correcting them in favour of sovereignty and those corrections gradually took place. In the past three or four years, I have lived as a sovereign being and honoured the sovereignty of all those within my sphere of influence. I slip up on occasion, but when a slip is detected, I take corrective action.
Being individually sovereign is a blessed way to live. What I am learning is that I cannot be individually sovereign when I deprive someone else of their individual sovereignty. This can be as subtle as answering another’s request for advice. I am frequently asked for my advice and I have found a way to deal with these requests in ways that respect everyone’s sovereignty. That is to connect the person to their own wisdom, based in their heart chakra and have them answer their own question from the infinite source of wisdom that resides within each of us. As I become more skilled at this and more dedicated to honouring individual sovereignty, I am exposed to more and more situations where this wisdom demonstrates itself to be far superior to anything I could produce on my own.
These experiences remind me time and again that I do not know what is best for any other person. Only they know that. By the same token, no one else knows what is best for me, only I know that. That is the Divine bases of individual sovereignty and the reason that lesser forms of sovereignty eventually lead to doom and destruction.
The congruency within me is all about individual sovereignty, all about being a living example of a sovereign being who respects and nurtures the sovereignty of those who enter into my sphere of influence. The congruency within me is all about teaching others to be sovereign and to respect the sovereignty of those around them. This congruency within me transcends dimensions. This congruency within is as valid in the third dimension as it is the fifth, and is as valid now as it will be after Ascension.
My mission in this lifetime is to bring individual sovereignty into each and every life situation, no matter where, no matter when, no matter which dimension. I was going to add no matter how, but clearly, the how must be consistent with the principle of individual sovereignty or this precious gift is lost.
Freedom for humanity…


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