Surrendering Rejuvenation

Shifting guides has been a lengthy process and triggered much within me. There have been several stages in this process and it may or may not be completed, but one important aspect has been completed and is asking to be shared.
About forty eight hours ago, I wrote and published a blog called Individual Sovereignty. In it, I recognized that I had an attachment to rejuvenation and accepted the possibility that my mission may be about something other than rejuvenation. At the time, I simply went with the flow of this thought pattern and surrendered rejuvenation back to Divinity. I have surrendered many things and many ideas since choosing to live the rest of this lifetime in a surrendered state and the process has become almost second nature to me. When I become aware of an attachment to somebody or something, even to a concept or an idea, I surrender it back to Divinity. I let go of it, releasing it back to Divinity and live for a time having released whatever it is that caused my feeling of attachment.
This recognizes the universal truth that I own nothing; that everything belongs to Divinity and is only on loan to me; is only sharing time and space with me by the Grace of Divinity. This is not an easy concept to understand, nor put into words, but having used it a dozen times or more with things as varied as my marriage and my mission, I have gained considerable experience and in this latest example, followed the process of surrender without even taking the intention to do so. It is now a well established pattern of behaviour and once I recognized my attachment to the concept of rejuvenation, the process of surrender was triggered.
Thus, I surrendered my attachment to rejuvenation and in that moment in time, surrendered rejuvenation itself. I began to live my life without rejuvenation as a part of it. The timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and of pioneering rejuvenation within my personal experience was gone and I was on a different timeline, perhaps temporarily and perhaps permanently. You see, once the process of surrender is initiated, the outcome is no longer mine to determine. Sometimes what is surrendered is taken from me and new pathways are given me and sometimes what is surrendered is returned. Always though, something shifts in the process.
Because of the intense focus I had been giving to this timeline, surrendering it made substantial shifts within my experience. I was rudderless and without focus, drifting along in a confused state, but with an underlying peacefulness because I knew all of this to be part of the process of surrender. When the process was complete a new knowing would form and my mission, whatever it may be, would become clear once again. It may include rejuvenation and it may not. That was no longer up to me and no longer seemed important.
My attachment to rejuvenation had been surrendered. Without rejuvenation, I live out my remaining time in the third dimension as an aging man with all the various imperfections that I was born with and have accumulated over time. Because Ascension is coming and is independent of rejuvenation, this time is perhaps as short as eighteen months and perhaps several years longer as a transition period comes into play in some timelines, but this is all workable and something I can accept. In this scenario, I am given other things to do related to my mission; whatever it may be.
Last night, this process of surrender ended. Rejuvenation was returned to me as part of my mission and the timeline of multiple sources is mine to walk. As has always been the case when something I have surrendered is returned to me, it is shifted and is now a beautiful and radiant gift given me by Divinity. It is not mine, but it is mine to use for as long as that suits my mission and becomes part of my intended gift to humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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