Floor of Truth

Creation is for me a separate stage of manifestation, an early stage that takes place before and during the gestation period that precedes the manifestation into the physical. Everyone manifests, it is part of being human and those with some skills use a variety of techniques in the creation stage. Those without skills appear acted upon and even think of themselves as victims, not realizing they gave away their power and by abdication brought things they did not want into their physical existence.
For me, the strongest tools of creation are intention and affirmations. Intention is vital and the glue that holds together any particular manifestation. By intention, the big picture is held always in place, always in front of me, always a magnetic attractor guiding my steps and keeping me moving toward what I intend. In the creation stage, I augment intention with affirmations. Others use visualization but for me, affirmations are the method of choice. These are verbal statements that I repeat over and over in my mind, descriptors of whatever it is I am creating; and what is created eventually becomes manifest. That is how it works.
Once the creation is complete, the affirmations melt away. They are no longer needed and I wait while the universe gestates and in timing not my own, whatever I created is manifest into the physical world, into what I call the world of form.
My blog is a good example. For about a year prior to creating the blog, I used affirmations nearly every day targeting shifts in today’s world that were held in place by the intention of transmuting the ruling elite’s illusion and bringing freedom to humanity. A lengthy series of affirmations supported this intention and slowly it dawned that the next stage, the next plateau was to begin writing the blog and use the learning that came my way to further my skills and hone my intention in order to do my part in this huge project of bringing freedom to humanity. The blog also serves as another plank in the floor humanity stands on that transcends the ruling elite’s illusion and will eventually sweep them from power. Once the blog began, my affirmations melted away. Their creative powers had done what was needed and the blog was made manifest. The blog now existed in the world of form.
My intention remains and is not yet manifest. The ruling elite’s illusion remains in place and humanity is not yet free. The next stage in my personal mission has been taking form and is now in the creation stage. That next stage is to manifest the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and of pioneering rejuvenation as my personal experience in the third dimension.
When I surrendered this next stage and spent some time without it, I realized that my particular flavour of this timeline included the overlay of individual sovereignty. Humanity has been sent many gifts that have been stolen away by the ruling elite and hidden behind the illusion that only the rich and powerful have sovereignty. This could not be further from the truth as we each report only to Divinity, which is the essence of individual sovereignty. My journey is twofold; yes, I am to pioneer rejuvenation within the third dimension and I am to nurture individual sovereignty for everyone sharing this timeline. To do this I must experience individual sovereignty as my own personal experience; in everything I say and everything I do, in every thought that crosses my mind, in every intention I let loose into the world, and in every dimension in which I exist. By living in this way, the multiple sources timeline is protected from and cannot be co-opted by the ruling elite, cannot be stolen and hidden away as have so many other Divine gifts. By living in this way, rejuvenation becomes a shining plank in the floor of truth, a floor that the ruling elite is powerless to resist, a floor that will bring freedom to all of humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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