A Dissenting Part

Living with new guides and with a higher level of congruency is shifting things in my mind, in the only place that matters in the created world in which we live. Last night, I dreamed of playing soccer and of scoring seemingly at will. It was my dream, so I suppose that was exactly what was happening, but I can think of no precedence for such a dream whereas dreams of searching and not finding or being lost in a maze have frequently been my experience. For you see, if you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are correct.
There is one pathway that leads to a place other than where I want to go. I want to manifest that which I imagine. I want to bring my preferred timeline into my own reality and I want others to experience that same timeline. In the early part of this journey, I imagined myself further along than was the case and experimented with telling others of my spiritual progress. I learned something in this process; a person’s spiritual journey is experiential and one’s experience in spiritual realms cannot be proven, so best make no claims about my spiritual progress or lack of it. This was a lesson well learned and in a later experience when others were claiming me to be delusional, I did not argue, instead I chose to leave; accepting their right to believe what they chose and acting on my right to limit my exposure to people who no longer supported me and my mission.
I am targeting to do something new and different, something no one else within my experience has done. A part of me says ‘Are you crazy. What makes you think you can go where no one has gone before. Don’t be delusional, get back in line.’ That part was speaking out yesterday. At first, I fought it with affirmations but it persisted and even grew stronger and more insistent. ‘Okay, what do you have to say?’ I asked, ‘Help me understand your point of view.’ What I found was this part deals in fears and insecurities. This part had no new information for me, but once I listened and heard this part, it was willing to subside and join the rest of my parts on the sidelines, quietly watching as things unfold; quietly watching as my guides and my mission are given the lead.
The dissenting part was not willing to be convinced to get on board, but was willing to surrender, along with all the other parts of me and in the surrendered state, we all sit as equals on the sidelines and Divinity and my guides find the way. In the surrendered state we take the steps we are guided to take and we stay away from competing with one another. The dissenting part has a positive intention for me. That positive intention is to prevent me from making the same mistake I made years ago of claiming progress that could not be proven and of attempting to convince others of that progress. I accept the wisdom of this part and welcome this part to sit in council with the rest of my parts and live as part of the whole targeting the timeline of our choice and following the surrendered path leading to its manifestation.
For in truth, my small self has no clue how to get from where I am to manifesting the timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation and pioneering rejuvenation as my personal experience. My small self has neither the information required, nor any inkling of what to do or how to do it. Fortunately, in my surrendered state, I do not rely on my small self. In my surrendered state, I give all of that up to Divinity and to my guides. They know and I simply follow the guidance they give me.
Having recently shifted my guides and experienced a whole new level of congruency, my current guidance is be with these changes and to become an integrated whole. Dealing with a dissenting part as an equal makes great progress toward becoming whole.
Freedom for humanity…


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