Choosing Love

I want to reference some wisdom by Inelia Benz. She has worked with evil on many occasions and her fundamental principle is to not oppose, not go to war. Observe, interact, but do not oppose, do not go to war. Why? Because that gives evil strength and saps yours, sets up conditions under which the greater powers of love are compromised by the lesser powers of conflict. This same principle applies to any negativity. Here is a recent experience in which, by and large, I honoured this principle.
A part of me was attracted to a certain website and I began to accept their channelled material as the truth. Even now, what they channel seems largely truth. It is what they do with it where the problems begin. Rejuvenation has always attracted me but when I asked my guides if I should get involved, they were silent. When I asked if rejuvenation served the greatest good I got confirmation and so I took the plunge. In a direct interaction, they offered karmic clearing as a way to begin until rejuvenation became available. After a little cajoling, I agreed. The session was in early November.
During the session, my higher self came down into my heart center and chose to stay there, vacating the location above my crown chakra. About ten days later a hitchhiker guide showed up and made friends claiming to be interested in helping disadvantaged children to rejuvenate. I invited her to stay and she chose the vacated crown chakra location.
The website people requested a status report early in the new year and I re-asked my guides if getting involved was appropriate for me and my mission. Same response of no feedback except this time, the message came that if I chose to be involved I should speak my truth. I did so in a subtle way in my status report. We continued in the wait patiently mode until an internet group was formed in early March. I joined and began interacting, speaking my truth. After a week or two, the website people began taking umbrage at some of my inputs. After the second occasion, I went direct asking clarification on a particular item. His response was way off in my view.
At this point I wrote an unambiguous letter stating my request to be treated as an equal and outlining some principles I followed as a leader where I did not use authority, instead treated those who worked for me as the experts in what they did and supported them in succeeding. I call this bottom up leadership and it treats everyone as individually sovereign. This is the way it is in the higher dimensions and my premise was that rejuvenation could only be delivered using these methods. He requested a proposal and this began a week long negotiations, all off camera.
Finally, he responded negatively, declining my offer which is his right and calling me a few names which I guess was his way of avoiding dealing with the issues I presented. I left shortly thereafter, around the middle of April.
The universe began working with me as I targeted to pioneer rejuvenation and create a timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation such that each of us has options in terms of becoming rejuvenated. I was guided to re-contact to a friend and she was travelling thru my home town in early May with some information she would share, all targeting rejuvenation by raising my intrinsic energy level. This friend was travelling with a woman I had not met and we became lovers while they were here.
Ten days later, this woman asked me to shift my guides and explained a process for shifting guides. Doing so resonated with me. I slept on it and then made my preparations and proceeded. It was a profound experience and two of my five guides were not invited back while a third shifted his focus. The hitchhiker guide above my crown chakra was not invited back and was replaced by a version of myself that I call my highest self. Later I learned of a version of self that already inhabits the fifth dimension and these could be one and the same. Once all this was done, I asked this woman why she suggested all this. She had had a bad experience with one of my guides during her visit.
I now have serious doubts about the website people’s agenda, but choose not to go there. As I see it, they are either incompetent or malevolently competent. Either way, my choice is to leave and following Inelia’s advice, I am not going to war, I am simply choosing another focus for my time, my talent, and another forum to let the gifts given me flow through to humanity. The wait patiently mode for someone else to bring rejuvenation to humanity did not suit me. Pioneering rejuvenation and creating a timeline of multiple sources of rejuvenation is much more to my liking.
Love is the highest power and I choose love and people who share love.
Freedom for humanity…


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