A Part of me who Knows

Anya briefly met one of my Calgary friends when she was here in early May; his name is Rob. She reads energy and had some important feedback for Rob. I was aware of this, but while she was traveling we had very limited communications and we were unable to dialogue about the nature of this information prior to a meeting Rob and I arranged. Spirit intervened and we each went to different places and did not meet. He has a cell phone but I do not, so we missed each other. When I got home, there was a message waiting for me and part of our conversation included the fact that I was still waiting for information. Once Anya was home, we talked and she shared her information. Meeting was now supported and we met on Sunday.
As might be expected, the meeting was a resounding success and Anya’s information was very well received. Rob has great spiritual power and all his life has run from his power, attempting to be part of the crowd rather than the master he truly is. Now in his forties, he is finally ready to step into his power and turn on the Light he has so carefully hidden all these years. Why did he hide his light? Fear of standing out, fear of losing friends, fear of what others will think, and fear of the ruling elite, summing it all up; fear of greatness and all that is therein contained.
Rob has had few incarnations and has been uncomfortable in his skin; he somehow just does not fit. That was Anya’s feedback along with her suggestion that he step fully into who he truly is and fit his body into that much larger container, rather than attempting to fit his larger self into the too small body. My intuitive self saw the wisdom in all of this and I took the intention of fitting this into our dialogue should Rob be open to it and ready to hear it. When we last met a year ago, Rob was still living in fear and was not open to stepping into his power. That has shifted and we had a wonderful dialogue sharing information and communicating soul to soul. This is what happens when both people are able to get out of their heads and communicate from their heart center. Such a communications is a rare pleasure.
I told Rob of my intention to pioneer rejuvenation and make this Divine gift freely available to all of humanity. He has done a great deal of inner work in transcending his fear and stepping into his mastery and has successfully used the following healing statement:
There is a part of me who knows (fill in the blank with whatever you choose). This part of me is doing so now. I thank this part of me, knowing it is done. So Be It.
When he shared this with me, I got chills and could feel the power of this affirmation. I frequently work with affirmations and commented to Rob about the power and truth I felt in these words. He sent them to me in an e-mail after our meeting and I immediately began to apply them to rejuvenation. One of my guides has expertise in rejuvenation and it is like I am specifically addressing this guide in my customized version of this statement:
There is a part of me who knows rejuvenation and physical perfection. This part of me is bringing rejuvenation and physical perfection to me now. I thank this part of me, knowing it is done. And so it is.
I used this affirmation extensively yesterday and throughout the night and I can feel the power and direct access that it gives me to rejuvenation wisdom. That may be all I really have to do, since there is a part of me who knows all that it is necessary for me to know about becoming rejuvenated.
Freedom for humanity…

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