40th Anniversary of Graduating Class

I graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 1971 and my graduating class of about 20 people is holding a 40th anniversary. I am disinclined to attend as I have little in common with these people at this point in time, but I did provide a Memory Page in accordance with the template they send me. Here it is:
U of S Chemical Engineering Class of 1971 – Memory Page

John Ross

Family Information:
Married and divorced twice. Four children from first marriage all in Calgary. Tamara – 38, Orson, Berdeen, Joleen – 29 all with degrees from U of S.

Work Expertise:
Gravitated to management as engineering not my thing. Left business in early 90’s and earned my living as a bridge professional.

Main Hobbies:
Played tournament bridge until the mid 2000’s. Was among Canada’s best, but not quite world class.

Where are you living:
Calgary, renting in daughter’s home.

E-mail address:

Favorite memories from Chemical Engineering:
Playing cards at the MUB, hearts, bridge, you name it.

Bridge in the common room with Fernet, Arpin et al.

The road trip to Edmonton where my rebel aspect got a little out of hand.

Being caught playing bridge when I was supposed to be working as Dr. Z’s summer technician and still he went to bat for me to graduate. Thank you Dr. Z.

Sewchuk’s 90 something when I had no clue and still got a passing grade when the exam was curved.


Places you have lived since Graduation:
Flin Flon for twenty years. Toronto (Brampton). Calgary.

Describe your craziest or most adventurous moment in the past 40 years:
Meditation retreats in 2006 and 2007. Spent over sixty days meditating in a year and a half including five retreats of a week to ten days. Found a bright and lustrous inner world and connections to the spirit world that remains my primary focus.

Surrendering to Divinity in May of 2006. Accepting that to do what I came to do, I would have to rely on guidance from Divinity, I could not do it on own.

In May of 2008, I shifted my life totally. Left the work I was doing, left Toronto, left my avocation (bridge), left my wife after getting her set up to continue her chosen life. All with the intention of being dedicated to the consciousness movement which is what I have done and am doing. In my view, beautiful change is coming in 18 months for those who chose it.

Please tell us what you have been up to for the past 40 years! (Include more pictures if you’d like.)
Worked for the mining company in Flin Flon for nearly twenty years. Became youngest general manager in mid 80’s but fell afoul of new CEO and was shuffled into meaningless functions. Separated and divorced from first wife about this same time.

Accepted VP and GM job in Toronto based subsidiary and had great success transforming the management style and creating a profit center. Left to do management consulting to help others do the same. Management consulting company flopped and I had only one short stint back in business since leaving the VP job in 1994.

Began earning a living as a bridge professional. People would pay me to play with them (prostitution of a sort) and also ran bridge competitions in the Toronto area. My second wife was also working in the bridge scene and we were a one-two punch.

Have not worked for pay since leaving Toronto in 2008.

Write a blog called Freedom 4 Humanity. The link is https://freedom4humanity.wordpress.com

Sorry I don’t have pictures but I did a You Tube video in April. You can check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMkLQOUgf_o

About freedom4humanity

Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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  1. shanewinter says:

    Enjoyed your video 🙂

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