I am in a long distance relationship and as is often the case in such matters, it’s complicated. We met six weeks ago and had a whirlwind romance for the short time we were in each other’s physical presence. Now we are separated by a three or four day drive and use e-mail and the phone to communicate. She has a busy life with two teenage boys, a home and is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
She has fought long and hard with her disease, using her considerable healing and psychic skills and researching the internet in various attempts to find a cure. She had an attack the last morning of our visit and I experienced some healing powers flowing through me, removing the unnatural heat in her hands and shoulder joints. It is my belief that working together, we could create a full and complete cure. She has thus far resisted my help and says she did not experience me as a healer during that last morning together.
Now, a little about me. Since mid April, two plus months ago, I have been fully dedicated to creating within a little used timeline that I call multiple sources of rejuvenation and pioneering rejuvenation as my personal experience. My intention is to do all this in order to make rejuvenation freely available to all of humanity. That is my primary focus and while my girlfriend was travelling, it was easily maintained as such. Since she has landed back home and we have been in regular telephone communications, I am feeling torn. These conversations have distracted me and created other thought streams. Simple things like ‘what did she mean by this or that’ and complicated things like why is she resisting my offer to help her find a cure and more lately, could I help her if she became willing.
I am targeting a miracle within my own experience, namely rejuvenation and physical perfection. In my world view, both are the natural state of humanity and it is only the illusion created and maintained by self interested forces that causes the current conditions, namely aging and a plethora of diseases. Neither aging nor disease is a natural part of the human experience; both are artificial and created as a result of the ruling elite’s current dominance of humanity.
A simple way to look at my present situation is that I can choose to fight this particular battle on either one or two fronts. One front is to concentrate all my efforts on rejuvenation. I am fortunate to be free from disease so my entire focus can be on rejuvenation as there is no disease within my energy field. By getting involved with someone battling arthritis, I bring in a second front; not only do I have rejuvenation in my energy field, I also have disease. It does not feel as though I have resources for both.
Simple solutions to complex problems are always suspect. At a deeper level, I have been conflicted about becoming involved in a relationship at this time. For more than two years, the Universe has not put temptation in my path, making it easy for me to concentrate on my mission; always with the promise that once my mission is complete, a wonderful relationship will find me. This relationship is not the one that will find me, that much is clear to me. Who then does this relationship serve?
Already, great benefits have flowed to me from this relationship. I learned a great deal during our short time in each other’s physical presence and my girlfriend’s suggestion that I shift my guides resulted in far greater congruency and in guides who fully support pioneering rejuvenation. It could be that what we were to do together is already done. I do not know and cannot know my girlfriend’s personal equation, but since opening myself to the possibility of having no girlfriend, doing so has exerted ever greater appeal. In my experience, what serves my greater good serves everyone involved. Perhaps we can be friends. We shall see.
Freedom for humanity…

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