The Truth Sets You Free

The truth does set me free. As I go further down this road of truth and transparency, gathering experience and living at higher plateaus after crossing through portals of various kinds, this wisdom is becoming more and more self evident. The truth does set me free and the corollary is equal true for me. When the truth is not out there or out there but not yet understood by a fellow traveller, I am in bondage of some kind. For me, it is not enough to put the truth out there and then let the buyer beware. For me to be free I must go that extra mile, to be free I must ensure the other has understood my truth.
Going that extra mile is quite difficult at times and one of those times came up recently. My long distance girlfriend and I are just learning to communicate with each other. Part of my truth is an organic thing that is growing and shifting as we go and another part of my truth is set in stone. Neither truth was simply expressed and our day to day communications kept missing the point. Yesterday, I resorted to pulling the rug out from under our plans to do a booth at a holistic show in order to focus on my set in stone truth. That worked and my set in stone truth is now understood. What is it? I expect to meet my completion after I ascend, and when that happens I will be walking away from whatever relationship I happen to be in at the time.
Now that my girlfriend understands that truth, I am free to go wherever our love takes us and I find I want to spend time with her and be her lover. Does she want to spend time with me? That I do not know, but the truth has set me free to do what comes naturally, and it has also helped me understand that I would like to do so. The truth has also set her free to make an informed choice. Is she interested in moving forward or is she not.
On the basis of truth, we can be lovers in the now and friends for an eternity. On the basis of truth, we can serve each other in the now and help each other with current issues and concerns. On the basis of truth we can lay foundations for glorious futures where we move from being lovers to being friends, not because this is a logical progression, but because both of us have a completion out there and our present activities help each other prepare. By living in the now and by living in truth, we lay the foundation for heaven on earth, both together and as individuals.
On the basis of truth we can run a booth at a holistic show and serve everyone in the process. We can be our own little patch of Heaven on Earth (the proposed name for our booth) and use our combined talents to bring heaven on earth to all who partake of our services. We can work together, each respecting what the other has to offer and sharing the space and the clients in ways that serve everyone involved. Our mutual respect rests on the truth that is shared between us and each client gets what serves them at this moment in time, based on our process of mirroring the client’s issues and using the client’s inner truth and wisdom as the basis for the client’s solutions.
This all seems wonderful to me and you can count me in. I am only half of this decision though, what say you my love? Would you like to proceed?
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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