Restoring Sovereignty

The best teacher I ever had was my second wife, now my ex since our separation and subsequent divorce three years ago in May. What she taught me were things she did not know and may still not know, and how she taught was by putting me in situations where the lessons were available while she did her best to prevent me from learning them. This is learning by experience and is not the only way to learn, but lessons learned in this way are never forgotten.
What were these lessons? First was that other people get to act in whatever way they see fit. As long as it is not illegal and does others no physical harm, that is their right and targeting to prevent such behaviour by appeals or by manipulation or by any of the means that are available to us that are themselves neither illegal nor do physical harm is of course our first obligation. Yes, it is fine to try these avenues and even better if they have positive results; but in the end, other people get to act in whatever way they see fit, no matter how logical, or how compelling my arguments may seem to me. That was lesson one and a very big step forward toward respecting the rights of others, respecting free will and respecting individual sovereignty.
Once that lesson was learned, along came lesson two. Having accepted Lynn’s right to fly off in a rage and berate me in an endless number of repeating loops, the question arose as to what I could do differently because everything I tried resulted in escalating the loops. The answer came in two parts. Part one was to genuinely work at understanding what Lynn was telling me without making any attempt to change her behaviour. Part two was to honour my right to absent myself from situations where Lynn got caught in a repeating loop. I did this in two stages, stage one was to warn her that I would walk away and stage two was to do so. I would go to another room or outside, or somewhere where she was not. She would not restrain me which would have been illegal, nor would she pursue me which would have been legal, but would not have worked since I could go somewhere where she could not follow; like the washroom as an example.
After a minute or two, five at most, the loop was broken and we could resume on a level playing field. That was lesson two. It was my right to call a halt to any behaviour I found abusive simply by walking away. Within a few months of learning this lesson, all of our repeating loops were resolved and we had no escalating dysfunctions to deal with. All of this occurred in the lead up to my scheduled departure date. We separated because I wanted to do what I came to do and she wanted to retire and live happily ever after. We both knew and accepted this divergence and the escalating dysfunctions were not about this, they were about side issues.
This was extremely valuable learning for me and I have applied this learning to all manner of situations, including ending my association with the spiritual leaders claiming to be bringing forth rejuvenation. I accepted their right to act in whatever way they chose and protected my right to maintain my personal sovereignty by walking away when they refused to change. Everyone is kept whole in these situations. They get to act in whatever way they see fit and I am free to pursue my own path, unencumbered by people who did not respect my individual sovereignty.
Yesterday, a friend was caught in a dysfunctional repeating loop with one of her siblings and I got to witness. I excused myself and allowed the situation to run its sad course; with no satisfactory resolution. This morning I got to explain the wisdom I learned and coach my friend in terms of applying this wisdom to a future encounter. This is a very skilful and gifted friend and I could see the wheels in motion. The dysfunction will not survive the next encounter and sovereignty will be restored. What happens to the relationship? That depends on the willingness of both parties. Relationships not based on sovereignty are on shaky ground while relationships based on sovereignty are extremely stable. First priority is restoring sovereignty and the rest then falls into place. Sometimes the relationship resumes and sometimes it does not. Either way, the dysfunction ends.
Freedom for humanity…


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5 Responses to Restoring Sovereignty

  1. Alison says:

    Magnificent! Cant wait to try it :-)! Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Always, Alison

  2. shanewinter says:

    A beautiful lesson to share, thanks 🙂

  3. hemp says:

    Mencken put it this way Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. They flow together in a fluid of money influence and information to produce laws the official acts policies judgments and regulations that bind and constrain us peons who have made our will felt through this mysterious public opinion and an occasional ballot essay cracker barrel conversation or letter to an editor.

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