A Roller Coaster Ride

I am in the midst of a major change and it is a bit like riding a roller coaster with ups and downs, one following closely upon the other. I know I am not alone in this as the solstice has created this in the lives of many people; and that hearing about someone else’s experience has the soothing effect of helping us feel not so alone. Here are some highlights of my experience.
My ups and downs seem to be alternating days. Yesterday was a down day, a day to vegetate and do nothing as my brain felt mushy and unable to function. Today is a normal day and I am writing and will likely go for a walk later in the day. On the down days, I minimize my social interactions and put things off until another day. A good example was the coaching work with my friend. The interaction with her sibling took place on a down day and when it was over, she wanted to talk. ‘I have information for you,’ I said, ‘but not today, we will talk tomorrow.’ Two factors were in play here. One is the clarity I get from sleeping on something and the other was that the down day was in my way of presenting my information in a way that would make sense.
All of this is held within a much larger cosmic plan of bringing me cosmic energies targeting a major shift of some kind, so my current day functionality is generally low as these energies interact with me and I coast along, integrating and generally placing my priority on accepting the new energies and allowing them to do whatever it is that is being targeted. What I will be and how I will interact with the world of form when all is said and done, I cannot say because I do not know. I have asked to pioneer rejuvenation and my intuitive sense is that rejuvenation is the source of the energies but it may be a preparatory step rather than the actual event and could also be something else entirely. There is an abiding sense that what is being sent is directly related to my mission and to helping me make the internal changes that will then support me in manifesting positive change into the world of form, into the three D and four D world in which we currently live.

Last night saw we wide awake around three a.m. for about an hour as a new batch of energies was sent to me. Sleep is out of the question when this happens as the intensity of the inputs is much too high. My approach when this occurs and lately it has been about twice a week is to surrender to the inputs. I accept them as sent by Divinity or some aspect of Divinity. As such, my assumption is that these energies are designed for the greater good and for my greater good, and I therefore welcome them.
I run some of my affirmations as a way of facilitating and generally keep my brain in neutral so I don’t over think what is happening. I no longer make any attempt to figure it out because it is not mine to know. All that is mine is to be thankful for the inputs and to allow the process access to whatever resources I am able to provide. I do a little tossing and turning because of the intensity and because one position is only comfortable for a limited time and then another position is adopted. Usually, a time comes when the download is complete and in the case of last night, that moment was signalled with an inner knowing. Then I just go back to sleep and wake up at a normal time feeling ready to get on with my day. Usually an up day follows, and whatever was planned for that day goes smoothly and my resources are readily accessed if needed. It is as though the energetic inputs are not to interfere with my day to day activities and those activities are somehow blessed on the day after.
I have asked for ease and Grace in making all the changes necessary. I like roller coasters and I like a wild ride; to me this is all very compatible with ease and Grace.
Freedom for humanity…

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2 Responses to A Roller Coaster Ride

  1. John – I am totally confounded by your wisdom. You have a knack of expressing your feelings so clearly and concisely in a manner that is open and honest.

    The energies at the Spring Solstice where very profound and initiated a great deal of truth and honed our intuition in ways I would not have previously imagined possible. This time with the Summer Solstice and multiple eclipses much is changing all around us and I too have been affected mainly by some not so nice dreams and sleeping problems. A relief to know I am not alone.

    We have all purchased our admission tickets to watch the ascension movie and are currently watching the adverts before the main event happens whilst wondering whether the plot of the movie will make sense or leave us more confused that we were whilst perusing the reviews.

    I do not share your enthusiasm for roller-coasters and these times are forcing us to be more open to new ideas and concepts that the journey involves both inwardly and outwardly. An exciting time indeed full of different experiences some of which are good and some not so nice.

    Thanks for being YOU John.


    • When I read your praise, I think ‘Is he talking about me?’ LOL
      We all have special gifts to bring to this wonderful party called life on earth and we are moving into a era where expressing those gifts will be widely supported.
      Your kind and insightful words support me. Thank You, Tony.

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