Change without Weapons

I have never been a warrior, not in this lifetime and not in any of the past lives I have been shown. My heroes are people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. I can think of no warrior who I truly admire. Yes, there are people like Nelson Mandela and Mohammad Ali who had strong warrior aspects, but my admiration for them is because of other qualities, because of their ability to use the platform created by their warrior aspect to represent the disadvantaged.
Inelia Benz has great wisdom about dealing with evil and her approach is to observe and interact but do not oppose, do not go to war. Why? Because this is evil’s playing field and win or lose, you are playing evil’s game. I can follow Inelia’s wisdom and have done it many times, not just with evil but with any of a broad spectrum of negative energies. If you want to talk, I will talk, if you want to play, I will play but if you want to fight, I will leave. Warriors have a much harder time of this since warriors fight and are often sucked into the morass. That is what evil does once engaged on its own terms. What was once solid ground held by the Light becomes a morass and win or lose, this ground is now held by negative energies.
When negative energies encounter an obstacle willing to stand, but not willing to fight, they are lost. Their weapons are impotent because they cannot take what is not available to them and what cannot be taken by force. Yes, material things can be taken by force, liberty can be taken by force, life itself can be taken by force, but individual sovereignty and freedom cannot. Human lore is filled with stories about people imprisoned and deprived of their worldly possessions who eventually prevailed because they maintained their individual sovereignty and remained free in their hearts and their minds. These people were not warriors and did not prevail using weapons, these people were sovereign and these people were free and those were the qualities they used to effect change. Those were the qualities that won over the hearts and minds of their fellows and that is the battle that makes all the difference.
That is the battle ground taking place on this great planet right here and right now. The current era is ending and a new era is beginning. Warriors will not determine humanity’s fate, nor will warrior skills be useful in the coming transition. In fact, warriors are a liability since they can easily be enticed into a fight and fighting will not usher in the coming changes, in fact, fighting will delay or even prevent the coming changes from taking place.
The coming battle ground is about freedom and about individual sovereignty. People who value these qualities and who know how to nurture the freedom and individual sovereignty of those around them will win this battle. This battle cannot be won by force and cannot be won with tanks or guns. This battle is for the hearts and minds of the people and those who stand but refuse to fight will carry the day. Already, we have seen this in Egypt, in Tahrir Square and everywhere we looked for those magical few days, we saw people refusing to fight as they stood up for freedom and for individual sovereignty.
Yes, the ruling elite stonewalled and eventually regained the upper hand, but we all watched and learned. Those same techniques will be used again on an even broader stage and the ruling elite will have no answers and when this happens, the world as we know it will shift and will never again support the tyranny of the few and the slavery of the many.
That time is coming soon and it is not the warriors who will carry the day, it will be those who value freedom and those who value individual sovereignty and who are willing to stand but steadfastly refuse to fight. The ruling elite have no solution for such people. They will have to step aside and let those who nurture freedom and individual sovereignty take over. That is the beautiful shift in the offing and that will happen in the third dimension in a parallel timeline as another portion of humanity Ascends into the fifth dimension.
Freedom for humanity…


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  1. hemp says:

    …..Popular sovereignty or the sovereignty of the people is the political principle that the legitimacy of the is created by the will or who are the source of all . .Popular sovereignty is an idea that also dates to the school mid-17th to mid-18th centuries represented by 1588 1679 1632 1704 and 1712 1778 author of The Social Contract a prominent literary work that clearly highlighted the ideals of general will and further matured the idea of popular sovereignty.

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