Stand by Me

The late 80’s was a time of great turmoil for me. I had just separated from my first wife and our four children and was traveling in Europe as part of an important new job that had not yet gone sour. On the way back to North America, the in flight movie was that classic coming of age film Stand By Me with the sound track featured B.E. King’s fabulous rendition of the song by the same name. This was in the midst of a nearly three week period where I did not sleep in the same bed two nights in succession. The movie and the title song made a lasting impression and remain among my favourites, but it is the title itself that is the subject of today’s musings.
Stand by me. There is such power in these words and in this thought stream. I intend to stand for freedom and for individual sovereignty. I will not be armed and my attitude will be one of love for all, and these two things are all that I ask of you. I will not fight, but I will stand for these things in which I believe and I invite you and everyone else to stand by me; and I will stand by you. You stand by me and I will stand by you and together we will shift the world. It really is that simple. Simple is often quite difficult, but it is that simple.
No more wars because we stand for self determination. No more debt because we stand for abundance. No more oil because we stand for free energy and all the technologies that already exist to power our world. No more cover ups because we stand for truth. No more exploitation because we stand for freedom. No more ruling elite because we stand for individual sovereignty.
Come stand by me and I will stand by you and together we will shift this world.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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