A Time for Being

I am changed and rest in that place where I know very little. It is tempting to try to push through this, to pick up where I was before all these energies pushed through me and resume toward something. What makes this so uncomfortable is that although I ‘know’ I am changed, I do not yet know into what I am changed. I do not know who I am.
That last statement rings with truth and as that truth settles down over me, along with it comes a sense of calm, displacing the unease of not knowing. My spiritual journey evolved into a desire to be authentic, to be who I really am; nothing more and nothing less. This has been my overarching goal and my compass for the last decade and a half and being in a place of not knowing is extremely uncomfortable at a certain level, at the level of doing.
At a deeper level, at the level of being, rests a knowing that the shifts of these energies and the changes created within me has taken me closer to being who I truly am and that knowing includes a sense that I am poised to do what I came to do. I do not know what that is or even if it will include rejuvenation, but it is there and as long as I don’t go off jousting at windmills, it will happen. When I rest in this deeper level, I know all is as it should be, I know to be and to leave doing until the time is right.
Let’s jump back to that shallower level, to the level of doing. Here I feel discomfort. Here I feel a desire to go out and do something, anything; and yet I don’t know what that might be and there is a sense of danger. What if I embark on something other than what has been given me to do? That feels very dangerous. That feels like I could waste this great opportunity. That feels like a violation of my true authenticity and when I stay at the level of doing, the magnitude of my present dilemma is very great. Before all these energies came to me I knew what I was targeting and I was going merrily down that road doing all that was being given me to do. Now, I am changed and I have lost my sense of direction. I have lost my map and feel stranded and becalmed in a fog bound soup without instruments of navigation. At the level of doing, I feel like a sailor without an engine in a foggy and windless place and I feel a sense of frustration. I also feel a sense of loss. Before all these energies were sent to me, I knew what I was targeting and I knew where I was going. I miss that.
Back to that deeper level, back to the level of being. Wow. It is sooo comfortable here. No worries, no fears, no frustration. At this level, the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should. At this level the change has brought me ever closer to complete authenticity. At this level, the sorting and the ordering is taking place and I don’t have to do anything; all I have to do is be. All I have to do is be me; and me resonates as never before, me has a level of comfort and a level of authenticity that was not there before these changes.
It is interesting that a part of me keeps wanting to take me back to that shallower level. A part of me hangs on to the work ethic and to the conventional wisdom that nothing worthwhile comes without effort. In conventional wisdom, we all have to earn our way and that takes action, which takes doing. It may be time to use some NLP principles here and have a powwow with that part. Ask it for its positive intention. To move forward toward my (our) life goals. Thank it for its contributions and ask it if it is willing to play a less active role for the time being. Yes, of course. Whatever serves the whole. Okay, please step back and let my being part take the wheel. There will come again a time for doing, but right now is a time for being.
Freedom for humanity…


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