Each Individual is Sovereign

My blog is full of references to sovereignty and individual sovereignty. What does this mean and how might it work in practice? The definition of sovereignty that seems most appropriate is supreme and independent power or authority. A common definition that always made sense to me is answerable only to Divinity. As I have repeatedly stated, in highly evolved civilizations and in the higher dimensions, sovereignty is a simple matter.
Each individual is sovereign.
Wow. That is a mouthful. How could you run a business with each person being sovereign? How would a family operate? What about schools? In effect, no one would have authority over anyone else because each of us would be a supreme and independent power or authority.
How does sovereignty work in today’s world? Sovereignty is forced upward and held by the few. In a country it is royalty or the president. In a work place it is the boss. In a church it is the priest or the bishop. In a school it is the teacher or the principal. In a home it is the parent or in the old fashioned home it is the ‘man of the house’. Why is sovereignty forced upwards? Because the ruling elite cannot function without authority and when they came to power around the time of the fall of Atlantis, they implemented systems of authority and forced sovereignty upwards. Individual sovereignty is a completely unworkable principle if the few are targeting to rule over the many. That was the ruling elite’s target and they therefore implemented systems in which sovereignty was held by fewer and fewer people.
The principles of individual sovereignty go by any number of names and I began using them in the business world way back in the 70’s, long before I had even heard the term individual sovereignty. I called it all sorts of things such as teamwork, bottom up leadership, win/win, and even dignity and respect. Over a period of many years, I honed and refined my skills and techniques for achieving desired results using methods that respected the individual sovereignty of those who worked under my authority. That is of course a contradiction of terms since authority does not apply when everyone has individual sovereignty; however, I was working in hierarchical organizations and everyone thought in terms of authority. Where I was granted authority, I eschewed its use and instead applied individual sovereignty and in general outperformed those using traditional methods.
With individual sovereignty in place you have two duties. One is to act in ways that respect the individual sovereignty of those within your sphere of influence and the other is to act in ways that cause others to respect your individual sovereignty. For me, respecting the sovereignty of others was much easier than insisting that others respect my sovereignty. Perhaps that is why I did it first at work because I was the ‘boss’ and others respected my sovereignty, so all I had to do was figure out ways to act in which I respected theirs. In my private life, lines of authority were blurred and it was much more difficult for me to act in ways where others respected my sovereignty.
At one time, I thought all spiritually evolved people understood individual sovereignty, but that is far from the case. There is in fact a widely held spiritual tradition of ‘surrendering to a teacher’ that is a direct violation of individual sovereignty. Be that as it may, my chosen timeline for my role within Ascension includes individual sovereignty. In my view, no pathway to Ascension is on firm ground unless it includes individual sovereignty.
Individual sovereignty for humanity…


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