A Rich Inner World

The Kogi Indians of Columbia were conquered by the Spanish but have continued to live in relative isolation from the white man for the past five hundred or more years and maintained their way of life. Shamans of the tribe, who are also their tribal leaders, are chosen at birth and spend the first nine years of their childhood in a cave with no light. They are cared for and taught the ancient secrets of their spiritual tradition and of course learn about their rich inner world in the process.
In my own small way, I can relate to these shamans. I spent over sixty days in meditation over a period of about a year and half starting in early 2006 and discovered my own rich inner world. That world exists for each of us but the vast majority of people in what we call the civilized world keep themselves too busy to access it. Each of us gets a glimpse of this world on occasions and for some that is a frightening experience and something they go to great lengths to avoid. For many others it is just something they do not have the time or the inclination to explore.
Having lived the first half century of my life in ignorance of this rich inner world, I have sympathy for this way of living. It is very easy to focus on the world which we see before us and interact with that world in ways that seem appropriate when that is our focus. Making a living, raising a family, pursuing fame and fortune. All of these things can seem like the most important things on earth. Add to that the traps we can easily fall into from which there seems no escape and freeing up even a weekend to do what we want to do can seem a daunting task and it is no surprise to me that such a small percentage of people find the time to access their own inner world on a regular bases.
Uncovering my inner world and exploring it for several weeks during meditation retreats shifted me. Slowly certain unalienable truths became self evident. One was that happiness did not exist ‘out there’; nor was it available through any of the various pursuits I was engaged in at the time. Another was that I was not separate from others, nor was I separate from the earth on which I lived; instead I was part of a whole, part of the oneness. Another was that pursuing material things was collectively causing a great deal of damage to our ecosystem and that we are fast approaching a choice point where we either shift to sustainable ways or lose our ecosystem and our home in the cosmos. No surprise in any of this really. Each of these truths is known by every ten year old on the planet.
What came as a great surprise to me and continues as the anchor of my ongoing life is a truth I did not expect. My inner world is rich and vibrant and filled with joy, peace and love. That rich world is available to me anytime, day or night and no matter what is troubling me, this rich world will show it to be of little or no consequence. From this enduring inner world, my perspective shifts. Instead of a focus of ‘what can I get’, my natural focus becomes ‘what can I give’. Instead of living in fear and scarcity where it is dog eat dog, just by going within I can life in love and abundance where I am blessed and unimaginably gifted in ways that I want to share with all of humanity…and each and every one else has their own hidden store of gifts that they too can share. What an amazing secret.
From this rich inner world, all I want to do is share this amazing secret with the rest of humanity. Hey you!!! You have a hidden store of gifts that you were born to give away. Don’t leave this earth without doing what you came to do, and don’t leave this earth without giving away your gifts.
Freedom for humanity…


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