Violence and Competition

I woke this morning with the importance of non violent ways of being etched into my consciousness. It is interesting and perhaps indicative that the English language has no word for non violence and we still use the root word violence with a disclaimer in order to get the idea across. What do we call actions such as those pioneered by Gandhi and Martin Luther King? Satyagraha was used by Gandhi and civil disobedience by King but Gandhi’s word was never adopted and King’s description is itself two words. Not surprisingly, Sanskrit, the language of ancient wisdom has such a word ‘ahimsa’ but like Gandhi’s word it has not gained popular acceptance.
My world was never a world of violence. My world was however a world of competition and violence and competition are closely linked. Both are based on scarcity, on the premise that there is only so much to go around and we each must struggle to get our fair share. In competition, there is an agreement made to construct an artificial world in which there is scarcity, and therefore winners and losers. In any violent situation, this same activity has taken place at least in the minds of those perpetrating the violence. All forms of criminal activity are based on the premise of scarcity and every war fought in the history of humanity has this same basis of scarcity. The ruling elite are deeply scripted in scarcity thinking and their entire illusion is based on an assumption of scarcity.
A part of me recognized the artificiality of scarcity and I began to explore cooperative ways of approaching life as far back as my childhood. In general, I accepted the scarcity illusion but found ways to use cooperative methods to great effect. I had a greater chance of winning if I cooperated and used teamwork in its various forms; and besides, I felt more at home with these methods. Bridge has a strong partnership aspect to it and cooperation within the partnership increased the likelihood of overall success and that was part of the game’s appeal. For years I worked at taking the competitive aspects out of my bridge partnerships but this met with limited success. At a certain level we were dealing with scarcity and it kept spilling over into my interactions.
Then came that fateful choice in June of 2004 to focus on my spiritual development and to meditate every day. Over a period of a couple of months my entire outlook began to shift and a whole new world came into focus. A world of abundance, where everything worthwhile was available in abundance. A world of service where competition in all its forms was entirely foreign. A world of oneness where we were all one and separation was the illusion.
In this world, instead of searching for cooperative ways to approach competitive situations, I was attracted to cooperative situations where cooperative ways came quite naturally. In this world, my focus shifted to how can I serve and getting more and more of anything had no meaning. In this world I already had unlimited access to all that was of value and competition became an empty activity devoid of meaning. In this world, I was one with all and success was in raising the level of consciousness of everyone within my sphere of influence. In this world competitive forms of anything made no sense whatsoever. I could only win if everyone else won. If anyone lost, we all lost. Violence is easily seen to be futile within this world since damage to any part damages the whole and inflicting damage to another inflicts damage upon oneself. Competition fits into this same mould.
This shift took root in the changes of 2004 and four years later resulted in a total shift of focus away from competitive pursues and toward cooperative pursuits and serving all of humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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