A Summer Transition

This past month since the summer solstice on the twenty first of June has been a very interesting time and I would like to share my recollections. I continued to function and do the normal things like writing my blog, meditating, walking and interacting with others that cross my path, but my energy level was way down and I also made time for naps, sleep ins and a generally lethargic lifestyle. The general sense was a sense of being in a fog of some kind, protected and safe and moving along my path, but in a fog. Always there was a sense of guidance and hand holding and a sense of integration of spiritual energies that were sent my way in bursts and also by steady increments throughout this time period but especially in the few days surrounding both the solstice and the more recent full moon in July.
An important reminder is that we are all unique and at different points in our journey. As an example one of my friends has experienced unusually high energy levels during this same period and has used them to make important and long put off shifts in her life; however we are also all similar and many are experiencing shifts and changes as the new energies are beamed our way, originating from the center of the universe where Source resides and channelled though our sun, the center of our solar system. These energies are targeting the success of the process known as Ascension and those on their own unique spiritual path are being affected much more profoundly than those coasting along either in ignorance or apathy.
Back to my experience. Drifting while in this fog seemed an important component as the current and the energies were taking me where I was meant to go and efforting on my part would only get me off course or serve some other negative purpose. Negative energies were not really a part of my experience although they swirled around at times and occasionally ran a little interference usually in the wee hours of the morning when I seem most susceptible. They were easily dispelled.
There have been many peaks and valleys over the past month as it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. The peaks do not need any special explanation as those at a peak do not need any help or reassurance. My valleys occurred very regularly and routinely the day after peaks and generally lasted a day or so and then the pattern was repeated. The fog, the drifting, the lack of energy, and being lost but led by an unseen hand were most prevalent during the valleys but that general sense pervaded the entire experience including the peaks and those times in between.
Over the past few days, my sense is that things are shifting. The fog is lifting and I am finding myself on a new plateau in spiritual territory that is at once both familiar and new. It is quite a wondrous feeling, reaching out and exploring a little in this new territory that feels so familiar and yet carries so much more potential than the territory I left four or five weeks ago when this current shift began. I don’t yet know what has come with me and what was left behind but that is being clarified and it still seems important to let the universe sort this out without me grabbing back the rudder for my life’s direction. This is a familiar way of operating and has been my general approach since choosing to surrender to Divinity over five years ago in May of 2008; so continuing this process has not been an issue.
It is nice to feel that this particular portion of my journey is coming to an end and that firm ground once again is beneath my feet. Already a sense of purpose is returning and being sure is once again a part of my ongoing experience. That is what I missed most during this transition was the sense of being sure. Transitions and sureness just do not seem to go together.
Freedom for humanity…


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