Shifting Guides – Coaching Another

One of the great things about cyberspace is you can connect instantly with people anywhere in the world. Through the magic of the internet people on the far side of the planet can and do become friends literally over night. This happened to me recently. Someone was surfing the net and stumbled upon my blog, actually quite a few do this, but this person decided to open up a direct communications with me and sent me an email using the address that is posted on my blog. She asked a few questions and I answered and we now communicate on a regular bases. We both enjoy writing so email is a very good forum for us.
Quit naturally this friend is interested in the same kinds of things that interest me. Common interest is one of the best and most stable bases of any friendship. When I was interested in bridge, most of my friends were people interested in bridge and when I lost my interest in bridge, those friends just naturally melted away and new friends began to appear who were interested in my new interest, in spiritual matters. The bridge friends had not changed and were still the kind and loving people they had been before, but I had changed and we no longer had an interest in common so continuing an active friendship just was not in the cards (pun intended).
Time to introduce a new friend. Her name is Olivia and she is from Singapore. She found my blog and surfed around it quite a bit and was particularly interested in the work I did in late May shifting my guides. She had some recent unpleasant experiences with a couple of her guides and was in a state of uneasy truce. She had also recently recognized Ascension as a big part of her reason for this lifetime and was in the process of aligning herself to proceed in this direction and felt shifting her guides may facilitate her new objectives. She asked a few questions and I acted as a coach, answering and giving aspects of my experience that seemed germane.
One of the things that is not clear in my writing when I did the work was that having a full or even a working knowledge of one’s guides is not a prerequisite for shifting one’s guides. As long as one is clear about what one wants to do, about the direction one wants to go, shifting guides can be effectively done. Unknown to me, Olivia chose to act and within a few hours was reporting back on her experience.
“My first objective was to reset my spiritual guides and I summoned them before me. Quite a large group appeared – I could not recognise many of them. At that moment I realised what you meant by it not being necessary to see the complete picture of my existing guides – I hadn’t even known I had so many. I dismissed everyone, saying that only those who truly believed they were suited to help me on my current path could stay.”
She then went on to describe the specifics of her unique experience as most left and the vacancies were filled. The power and majesty that resides in that sacred space she had been in came through loud and clear. She also recounted an imprinting memory from her childhood when she interacted with Divinity in the midst of a panic attack. All was restored to order and ever since, she has known that she walks in Grace.
My heart sings at all of this. Most particularly in watching another step more fully into their power, something I am witnessing quite frequently over the past few weeks, but also having what I wrote in my blog being instrumental in someone taking a step that served them in their journey. I write to learn but when what I write helps another, it is doubly satisfying.
Freedom for humanity…


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