A Definition of Evil

My definition of evil is putting self interest above the greater good. This can happen knowingly which is very common in today’s world, and it can also happen through ignorance, apathy or fear. Sometimes it happens at the unconscious level which is often the case with ignorance and apathy where no information is availble at the conscious level.
Because we cannot know what is best for another, any attempt to control another or manipulate them is by my definition an act of evil. Their soul’s agenda may be entirely different from what we assume it to be and acts of control run the risk of running counter to their soul’s agenda. Any attempt to hide or distort the truth fits into this same category. We are either motivated by self interest or by a desire to ‘protect’ another and keep them from being hurt or harmed. Since we cannot know their soul’s agenda, such intentions fit into the category of control or manipulation, ergo fit into my definition of evil.
Another common form of evil is work on behalf of an organization or governing collective. Religions, countries, corporations, and institutions of every kind fit into this category and people all over the globe do things on behalf of such entities that they would not do in their private life. War is an extreme example where otherwise peaceful citizens are coerced into killing and maiming others on behalf of a cause or a country. The dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki toward the end of the Second World War is the most extreme example in human history. Then President Truman made this unspeakably evil decision and justified it by claiming it to be the lesser of two evils that would save the lives of thousands of US soldiers. Clearly self interest overruled the greater good and thousands of innocent Japanese men and women paid a heavy price.
Before embarking on a spiritual path, I routinely made choices based on self interest or at least on my perception of self interest. In truth, there is no such thing as a choice that violates the greater good and yet serves your self interest. That may be true in the short term and may be true by the measures we commonly use in this world, but in the world of spirit and in the long term, anything that violates the greater good also violates our self interest. Another way to express this is that our self interest is always best served by serving the greater good.
Since dedicating myself to my spiritual path and surrendering to Divinity in the process, I have consistently targeted the greater good. Because my life is now about service to others and material things no longer seem important, there is much less conflict between what I perceive to be self interest and what I perceive to be the greater good. In most cases, the simple test of ‘does this serve the greater good’ points the way and rare indeed is a situation where acting in that way seems to damage my self interest. As I write this, I cannot think of an example in the last two or three years.
Empowerment consistently comes to the fore. Over the past couple of years, I have had many people come to me for advice on a wide variety of matters. Consistently, I eschew the temptation to use these opportunities to gain control or set myself somehow above them. Consistently, I empower them and get them to access their own inner wisdom. Consistently, I hold space for them and encourage them to step into their power as a way of transcending their current difficulties.
Doing less would be a form of evil, while doing so has been very rewarding.
Freedom for humanity…


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