Shifting Guides – Another’s Experience

What follows is the experience as reported to me by Olivia when she shifted her guides a few days ago. It is about twice as long as my normal entries but carries so much love and light that I am loath to mess with it. Olivia has kindly given her permission to print this as part of my blog and here it is.

Hello John!

Thank you for your letter. I was very happy to receive it! I took your advice and immediately set a determined intention to know everything there is to know about me. My first objective was to reset my spiritual guides and I summoned them before me. Quite a large group appeared – I could not recognise many of them. At that moment I realised what you meant by it not being necessary to see the complete picture of my existing guides – I hadn’t even known I had so many. I dismissed everyone, saying that only those who truly believed they were suited to help me on my current path could stay. At that moment, only the twin ravens and fox stayed. Michael too.

I liked what you wrote about guides being on the four sides of yourself, so I decided to try that out. The ravens and Odin and the tree of life that they reside in now float above me. They are my mind. Actually, they had always been so, but it was only now that my occult mind had been truly activated. I now understand why I saw myself as a beautiful raven in flight. That was my mind – active, healthy and bestowed with knowledge, also, quite gothic. They warned me that I must be careful about balance because I have been bestowed with Odin’s genius and madness, I must make a special effort to stay grounded. My way is to tend to the tree and make sure its beautiful roots grow deep into the the soil of love and truth. (I’m happy just writing this!) And then to my surprise, wolf came back! He had changed. Much more powerful and much less tame. He had left to transform into Fenris, the legendarily scary wolf in Ragnarok of Norse mythology. He had been feeling pangs of change for months. That was why he was so cranky. I asked him to stay behind me, to use his tremendous strength and power as my support. This he did. Next, I saw a giant scorpion moving to rest beneath my feet. I saw an image of Kuan Yin in white, standing on this scorpion. This scorpion was a female and she asked for my permission to carry me. I asked what her name was and she replied Sarah, in honour of the angel who had sent her. I was very touched because Sarah was my guardian angel before she was promoted and Michael took over. I remember as a child, seeing my angel as a child too. She was learning about many things, just like myself. She was my friend and my peer. Sarah the scorpion told me that she was especially suited to help me because my heel was often in pain. I saw the arc of her tail and realised that was true. I allowed her to position herself under my feet. At the same time, Kwan Yin arrived and shrunk herself before fitting into my third eye. Now I could see the truth with peace and compassion. She was silent the entire time. Archangel Michael, who usually acted as my protector against outside forces, decided to move into my heart. He became the love and truth in my heart. With him removed from the station of personal bodyguard, I felt incredibly vulnerable. My heart told me to wait, and sure enough, a moment later, two of the eighteen arhats (lohans) arrived. They were in great spirits and I knew they were very confident in their ability to protect me. They were large and fearsome looking but were incredibly friendly to me. They now flank both sides of my person or the door of my residence, moving about freely wherever they detect negative energies in my vicinity.

In your letter, you also wrote that a journey such as the one that I am undertaking needs a strong and renewable access to Divinity. If you had not pointed that out, I would not have noticed but now I have thought about it, I think I can give you an answer. My biggest means of access to Divinity is interaction with the lovely beings that God sends me. The shifting of guides as described above has refreshed me tremendously. Sometimes, I pretend that I am alone and lonely but my friends and protectors always come before me and tell me even when I am alone, I never am really alone. They were the ones who saw me through my childhood, the silent ones who always stood behind me. No matter how I try to push them away – and up till recently I had been pretty violent in my feelings of wanting them to go away – I can still feel their presence no matter how far away they have moved in respect of my feelings. But before I became aware of them, God came to me first. He opened the door for me. I grew up struggling in the human world. Almost every memory I have of this lifetime is about pain and humiliation. I was continuously harassed by my fellow humans. This was especially so in my childhood. Believe me, it was a very traumatic experience and it didn’t help that I could remember some of my lifetimes in dreams – they were pretty violent. I was constantly in a state of fear but somehow, there was also a great reservoir of pure peace within me. When I was a child and experiencing my first and only panic attack, God appeared to me in the sunlight. The sunlight spoke to me. He filled me with warmth and safety, He told me I was safe and he assured me that what I was afraid of would not happen. I saw Him take my fear and deposit it into a golden bubble – and then he put it back into me. From that moment on, a very strong and deep part of me was filled with utter trust in God. I did not question why he put that tremendous fear back inside of me. Somehow, I understood in my thirteen year old mind that fear was something that I needed and that I did not have to fear Fear. I guess that is how I managed to go through all trauma I had in so many lifetimes. I let myself feel that Fear because at the back of my mind, I knew it was harmless.

In my sleep, my soul also regularly goes to a secret place where God shines directly upon me. In terms of the most direct access, this one is it. When I am in my secret place, I am in the most intimate contact with Him. I Am Him. I understand that what you refer to as Source, is the one I refer to as God. I call Source my God just like how I call my parents mom and dad. To me, God is a person because I feel so much affection for him and because he feels so much like me! Of course, I realise that he is much more than me, much more than Him, much more than God even, but then again is any human word truly able to reflect all that is the Source? I also realise that He is much more than My God. With all these in consideration, it doesn’t really matter whether I claim God as my own or not – it’s besides the point. I really can call him whoever or whatever I want.

I would be very happy to call that timeline the multiple sources timeline. However, I disagree with the timeline not belonging to anyone. It belongs to everyone! That includes you and I. What harm is there owning anything if it is with joy? Please don’t be angry with the idea of possession. I believe it is through having something belong to you and belonging to that something too that we experience our greatest joys!

Finally, all these could not have happened if you had not been such an incredible inspiration! I am sending to you all the joy that I can muster. If you feel a presence of something child-like, that is me sending blessings to you!

Looking forward to further correspondence with you,

Freedom for humanity…


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