A friend recommended that I become familiar with the cosmology surrounding an alien race know as the wingmakers and I spent the better part of two days researching related sites, much of it at
The essence of this cosmology is that Source is creating an ever expanding universe and uses the services of experienced races of humanoids to manage this expansion. Free will is at play throughout the created universe and DNA plays a central role. The wingmakers is the name given to the central race that grew to maturity and reconnected back to Source during the first stage of the expansion billions of years ago. They seeded earth in a subsequent cycle along with many, many other suitable planets in the expanding universe and loosely guide our progress.
The normal course of a maturing race of humanoids goes through two phases. In phase one hierarchies form and govern because the human soul is fragmented and does not recognize its innate power and connections back to Source. Then a small percentage of the race begins to become sovereign and two things happen. These sovereign humans step into their power and have skills and capabilities that rise above the need for a hierarchy. Secondly, something called the grand portal is discovered which completes the race’s DNA and sets in motion a sequence of events whereby the entire race rises to spiritual maturity, reconnects with Source, and joins the wingmakers in managing further expansion of the universe. The sites I visited suggested sovereign beings would begin to appear in the near future and the grand portal would be discovered in sixty to eighty years, thus triggering this version of Ascension.
There are dangers and ways in which this general pattern can be derailed. Most proximate is a rogue entity within the universe that want access to our DNA and much of the wingmaker information came from a secret human consortium targeting to develop a time traveling technology capable of deflecting this rouge threat. Of interest, the wingmakers themselves have gifted humanity the means of defending ourselves from this threat through still secret archaeology sites that do not involve time travel. The other threat to this general pattern comes at the discovery of the grand portal and arises from the hierarchy’s resistance to being deposed from their dominate position.
I have a great deal of resonance with the general themes and intrinsic philosophies of the wingmakers and surfing these sites was a vivid reminder that we (humanity) do not know and that I as an entity does not know how or even if Ascension will take place. My brother is very good at asking questions and during a visit in March he asked if I was willing to explore the possibility that the 2012 winter solstice comes and passes without noticeable change. I explored this possibility and found it to be business as usual, with ego level damage done to me but nothing fundamental. At the fundamental level, at the level of my soul, life goes on and my life purpose remains as before. If the cosmology of the wingmakers is accurate that will be my and our 2012 experience. C’est la vie.
Does the wingmaker information fit into my existing cosmology about Ascension and related subjects?
The move into the fifth dimension is not mentioned but remains possible as a way of dealing with the rouge threat or even a way of dealing with the internal threat of the ruling elite. The site treats the ruling elite as a relatively benign necessary evil but that seems myopic to me. Free energy is not mentioned and my intuition says that will be a central factor in shifting humanity’s destructive ways and deposing the ruling elite. In my view the ruling elite is a predatory force and itself a rogue entity. Humanity must depose the ruling elite and replace it with a benign hierarchy in order to buy sufficient time for the rest of the wingmaker’s scenario to play out.
Information from the wingmakers is philosophical in nature and does not deal with such matters and since much of the human information came from one or two human sources in the late 1990’s, these factors may simply have been overlooked.
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