Belief Switching

Empowerment is a natural skill for me which means I learned the skill in a past lifetime and acquired the necessary beliefs and ways of being before being incarnated into this lifetime and into this body. Like any skill, it can be put aside or even replaced, but it is always there, always available once it has been learned.
An example of putting aside a skill is a conscious choice I made in this lifetime to quit using the manipulative skills that had become so prominent in the way I approached many aspects of my life. My manipulative skills were founded on the belief that I knew what was best for everyone and for each situation. This belief caused me to approach each situation in manipulative ways where I determined the outcome and the actions I wanted others to take and set about creating the desire in the other to do what I wanted them to do.
In the early 1990’s I was working with a consulting company in my role as the top guy of a forty person operation. They gave me a profile test and the leader came to talk about the results. ‘We find you are very manipulative’ she began and I chose to defend this approach to my job. In so doing, I could see the flaws and understood that this approach was not getting the results I desired and also went counter to a deeper set of beliefs. The consultants took my words at face value but I began to shift as a result and as I shifted, my comfort level grew and my results improved. Iteratively, my beliefs shifted and my behaviour and choices shifted.
It is becoming clear as I write this that beliefs are the causal agents in terms of skills that we use. When I believed I knew best, I used manipulative skills. When I switched my belief to each person knows best relative to the work they do and the life path that will serve them, I used empowerment skills.
In looking back, I see profound behavioural changes within me all flowing from this belief switch. I took a whole range of skills, things I was very good at and dumped them into the trash can, labelled them as useless skills. These were my manipulative skills. Replacing them were a set of skills that I had not used much in this lifetime. These were my empowerment skills. In this case, these skills were already well developed and simply lying dormant, but they could have been new skills, skills needing to be developed. It does not really matter, what matters is that the belief switch caused a shift in the skills I brought forth and used in my interactions.
I have also done belief switches in a planned way using some of the technology now available to humanity. In my case, I used NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP for short), but many technologies have grown up using NLP as a base. The belief shift I targeted was my belief about my lovability. I believed I was marginally lovable and had to be on my best behaviour in order to be loved. I chose and designed a more empowering belief and used NLP techniques to install this more empowering belief in place of my limiting belief. This work was extremely effective and like any belief, the new belief was extremely durable. My life began to shift as new behaviours and new skills naturally arose as a result of switching my belief.
For the past several years, I have returned to a more iterative way of shifting beliefs. I know the process to be entirely within my control and keep my antenna out in terms of further empowerment. When new information presents itself and passes through my truth filters, I evaluate it on the basis of its empowerment potential. If it would enhance my empowerment and serve the greater good, I become open to it and begin to test it in the life situations that come my way. If it serves to mutually empower, I adopt the belief.
Having non static beliefs is very empowering, both to me and to those who come into my sphere of influence.
Freedom for humanity…


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