Connecting to Source

Do you know how to connect to Source, to Divinity or whatever you might call it? Part of what I resonated with in the Wingmakers stuff is information from First Source. First Source is the entity that creates and is in all things and that we can each experience just by going into the Stillness. First Source is quoted in three short pieces and in one of them he/she says ‘I do not respond to supplication (to requests) but I do respond to wholeness thinking and being, to gratitude.’ This is my summary and in my words, but that is the idea. The entire purpose of existence is to get to the point of ‘knowing’ we are each connected to First Source in a profound and intrinsic way and when that happens societally, we graduate into the next level; we become creators ourselves and carry on the work of First Source. It is a long way from happening societally but each of us can do this any time we choose. All it takes is gratitude and moving through the chatter into the Silence or the Stillness to find the Divinity within.

This morning was like that for me. I slept fitfully with lots of dreams and a discomfort, unease with doubts and questions upon awakening. So I got up and meditated, focused on gratitude and on the Peace that is within me. Just allowed the Stillness to permeate me and after a few minutes of this, all is well; I feel connected once again and all my troubles can be seen to be illusions. From wholeness, what I call Oneness, I am just fine and my life is exactly a part of my path. There are no shoulds here; there are no dangers and no fears. It will all work out and all I need to be is in that state of mind. All the rest is naturally done and falls into place. All I need to do is what comes naturally to me while I rest in this place of connectedness to the Divinity that permeates all things; most personally, it permeates me.
I met two farmers this weekend, one a cousin who farms over 10,000 acres and the other a nephew that we might call a hobby farmer with a hundred or so acres and chickens and some livestock, targeting little more than to feed his young family.
The cousin is all business and efficiency. In his world trees and marshes are the enemy and are bulldozed and drained to create more space for cropland. Even hills are levelled because it is hard to be efficient with the differing conditions that naturally occur on hilly land. Very efficient as are the methods employed like chemicals for controlling pests and fertilizer for increasing yields; but all of this is disconnected from Source. There you sit on your little plot of land grudgingly relegated to housing and all around you is sterility and efficiency. In your world, if it does not generate money, it is eradicated. There is no way to feel connected to Source with a money and efficiency outlook. Source is all about life and diversity and peaceful coexistence. Money and efficiency value none of these things.

The nephew is all about sustainability and ecology. He is widely read and employs science and wisdom from less commercial times. Somewhere he came across the science that human and animal waste does not stink and rapidly biodegrades as long as the carbon to nitrogen ratio is kept above thirty to one. He uses straw and sawdust as his carbon sources and both human and animal waste from his farm is gently and benignly biodegrading into natural fertilizer. He is extremely connected to Source through this and other activities and there is a quiet stillness about him that attracts attention. He substitute teaches to raise some income and his classes are often storytelling and question answering from students who sense the difference within him.
That same quiet stillness is within each of us. That is what I revisited and reclaimed in my morning meditation. This is easy for me since I spent over fifty days in about a year and a half meditating and learning that what seemed fleeting to me at one time was actually a stable state that could be ignored or discounted but could not be escaped. Source is in each of us all of the time. We can cover it over, ignore it and discount it, but Source is always there. I chose to surrender to this higher power and my life has been full of joy and full of peace ever since.
Freedom for humanity…


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