I spent some time yesterday inviting my guides and the Universe to further the objective of rejuvenation in whatever ways they deemed appropriate. The guide located behind me, just below the base of my skull has expertise in rejuvenation and joined me when I shifted guides in late May. This guide has male energy and has been quite active over the past few days saying in effect, ‘You invited me to help you rejuvenate, so get with it.’ In the work the night before this guide was front and center and we got to know each other in the process and became friends. This guide has experience with rejuvenation and in the cosmology of many lifetimes lived simultaneously where time is an illusion, this guide may have helped another version of me living in some parallel world to rejuvenate; so we know each other.
Last night was a wild ride. I went to bed around midnight, the normal time for my retired lifestyle and night owl preferences. At exactly 3.33 a.m. my take action now signal went off rousing me from a deep sleep. I knew I was to get up and meditate and groggily pulled on some cloths and began meditating in my usual spot. A half hour later my intuition informed me to lay down on the couch near my meditation area. I did this and a new experience began. It was like my crown and third eye chakras ballooned into a sphere perhaps a meter in diameter with my head in the center. This continued for about an hour as I lay on my back with my head slightly raised and my body attached by not really involved.
Shortly after five a.m. I returned to bed and slept fitfully until around nine.
What was happening? Truthfully, I do not know. Rejuvenation is new to me and so is this kind of process. The only way it will work for me is to surrender to higher powers, to Source, to my guides and to resources they make available to me as the process progresses. I am experienced with surrendering things and allowing higher powers to guide me and inform me and this has worked very well for me, bringing me ever closer to living my mission and to making my gifts available to humanity. During the education portion of my journey this resulted in information coming to me from a variety of sources so I know how this works and I also know that efforting only gets in the way.
One way to look at this is that my job, the job of my small self, the job of the free will entity here on earth is already done. I have made my choice. I have chosen to pioneer rejuvenation with the intention of sharing all that I learn with anyone who asks both through this blog and in whatever other forums I am guided to pursue. That work is done. I am not attached to rejuvenation having surrendered it and it was given back to me. Now the question is how do I progress from here? I have no clue except to make my intentions clear and to ask Source and my guides to show me the way. This I have done and the work of last night is what I am presently being guided to do.
It feels like a long process with much more to be done, but it also seems as though I am well on the way and have assembled a good and faithful team in terms of succeeding in my intention. None of this means that I can sit back and let Source and my guides do what needs doing. I remain involved and last night is a good example. I had to get out of bed and meditate and generally make myself available for whatever processes were sent my way. I also have to stay out of the way and keep my small self in check so I am not off jousting with windmills when some other less interventionist activity is required.
My intuition is my greatest ally in all of this and following it is my job. There is also the matter of remaining dedicated to the greater good. Great powers are part of this process and temptations will be presented. My job is to retain my humility and to remain dedicated to serving humanity. My job is to faithfully pursue the timeline of multiple sources and to make the Divine process of rejuvenation availble to all. In so doing, freedom and individual sovereignty are promoted and those inclined to elitism and control lose their power.
Freedom for humanity…


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