Dialogue and Debate

During the family gathering over the August long weekend, I had the opportunity to talk about a number of my views. Several of the next generation expressed interest and my views came up in the normal course of conversations. In general, dialogue was the form in which these communications took place which is to say that we concentrated on mutual understanding and left agreement in the hands of each listener.
There was one notable exception. A group of us were sitting around the table on the deck overlooking the lake, a very popular spot during the warm and sunny weekend, and I expressed my opinion that the world would be a much improved place if charging interest on debt was made illegal or discontinued in some other way. A few questions were asked and others began to participate all in the normal course of a dialogue targeting to understand the concept of a world with no interest. Then along came my son who broke into a small tirade, labelling this idea to be naive and ridiculous and the tone of the communications shifted. Someone else offered that this would cause taxes to be raised and I pointed out that about half of the money taken in through taxation goes to paying the interest on debts, so simple math would indicate that taxes would drop and drop considerably.
I don’t remember what was said after that but I know I decided to leave rather than engage in a debate and debate was by then the form of communications that was in place around the table. I simply got up and walked into the house where others were gathered and joined another conversation.
This incident has stayed with me and over a week later, it is still there. Did I do the right thing? Is there something I could or should do in the aftermath? Let’s indulge these questions and see what hindsight would say.
Hindsight says that I made a very reasonable choice at the time. Debate has become very distasteful to me and is something in which I am no longer willing to be a participant. As such I either walked away or attempted to reinstall the tone and etiquette of dialogue. My relationship with my son is on shaky grounds and attempting to return to dialogue in that public forum would have risked making a scene and would not have treated him with the dignity and respect that is my target, so walking away was a very reasonable choice under the circumstances.
This leads directly into the next question. Should or could I do something in the aftermath? Obviously I could do something like request a dialogue with my son and see if he is willing to learn how to dialogue. In my experience, willing people can learn to dialogue in a very short time given a few simple rules that I developed. Dialogue is a natural skill and we all dialogue unless or until the situation gets heated and then many of us revert to debate.
I could make this request. Does this serve the greater good? I do not know. My son has already turned down at least two similar requests and seems currently unwilling to engage with me in this sort of activity as part of his general unwillingness to learn from me or treat my current opinions seriously. On one hand, I feel inclined to respect his wishes and let him go his own way. About a year ago, we crossed swords when he wanted the family’s support to act in ways I considered inappropriate. I stood and was counted on that occasion and he has kept me at arm’s length ever since. It seems I am inclined to respect his wishes and to allow someone else or some other mechanism to give him the life lessons he is missing. In this way of thinking, I respect his free will and individual sovereignty and let the universe unfold as it may.
The other approach is to make another request for a dialogue. That also has some appeal and I take the intention of considering if this would serve the greater good.
Freedom for humanity…


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