Standing up for Sovereignty

These last two days have been very active spiritually with energies coming my way; and inactive physically as I feel enervated physically and discombobulated mentally, so I do lots of napping and generally just going through the motions. Night times are very active and I was awakened by a dream in the wee hours. The lead in was of interacting in a banquet setting with some women from the local bridge club and a non-paying husband arrives. He is offended by my easy rapport with the women and I introduce myself in an effort to assuage his resentment. In the next scene, everyone else has melted away and he is detaining me against my will. I am maintaining my cool and my politeness but we are fast reaching the point where I may have to use physical force to maintain my sovereignty, and that feels dangerous as though it might backfire. Then I wake up.
This sense of having my sovereignty violated stayed with me and I got up to meditate to see if anything needed clearing. I lived for nearly twenty years in a remote mining town called Flin Flon in the 70’s and the 80’s. During that time, I had no spiritual aspirations and targeted success as measured by my influence in the mining company for whom I worked.
Slowly it came to me that the model for the dream was an incident from nearly thirty years ago when a Flin Flon woman ‘entertained’ her supper guests during a local bridge tournament with a comedy routine by detaining an elderly man visiting from out of town. The elderly man was a most unwilling participant, but each time he rose to leave, she physically prevented it. I briefly witnessed this violation of someone’s sovereignty as I dropped in and quickly exited rather than watch someone being humiliated. In hindsight, I wish I had done more and put a stop to what I had seen.
This Flin Flon woman was someone I knew and liked and this was my first and only exposure to her cruel streak. I was good friends with her youngest son, several years my junior and the underachiever of her brood. We golfed together and made wagers on everything. His name was Richard but everyone called him Sal, short for Sally, the nickname he was given by his older brothers who tormented him in his youth. Sal developed a bad stutter which showed up during times of stress. I met the father briefly in the first year or two I was in Flin Flon. The father was sick with cancer and very bitter toward the mining company which he considered the source of his illness. The universe had me spend some time listening to the father as he battled the disease a few months before his death. Sal never worked for the mining company, instead working for local employers and last I heard was employed as a janitor in the local recreation facility.
I do not know what I was clearing but as all of this came to light, I was able to return to bed at peace with my past and return to sleep. Something remained and asked to be written about and this I have done.
Sovereignty feels to be gaining more and more importance in my journey. This incident has been reviewed before and largely put to rest but the sovereignty connection was not apparent until today. Perhaps that is what underlies last night’s dream and today’s review. I know I have been willing to stand up for sovereignty this last year or so whereas in years past, I was more likely to look the other way. Perhaps that is what this is all about.
Freedom for humanity…


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