Calgary Ends Fluoride Additions

On the long weekend Monday at the beginning of August a group of eight stayed around to help Mum clean up and dispose of some of the things she no longer wants. Mum has always been a waste not, want not sort of person so there are lots of things that no longer serve a useful purpose including a mattress from my second year university over forty years ago.
As we ate lunch I shared the Calgary fluoridation story starting with the election of a young, unconventional mayor last fall. He goes by his last name, Nenshi, and one of his first acts upon gaining office was to form a committee to investigate the fluoridation of Calgary’s water supply. The committee recommended against continuing fluoridation and made their findings available to city council. The council subsequently voted ten to three to discontinue this longstanding practice. With approval from the Provincial government, the practice was discontinued in May.
The media has given all of this very biased reporting, ignoring the committee’s findings and treating the council as a rogue entity saving money but damaging the health of the underprivileged who cannot afford dental care. All of this is completely bogus supported only by the cover story developed decades ago that fluoride additions promote dental health. Proof of this simply does not exist and that was in part the findings of the committee.
This is a microcosm of the larger struggle to take back our power from the ruling elite. The ruling elite want fluoridation of water supplies to continue because they know fluoride interferes with spiritual awakening. This is the real reason fluoride has been added to water, a practice pioneered in prison camps before and during the second world war to keep the prison population docile. When the ruling elite encountered resistance to fluoride additions, they employed a spin doctor who developed the cover story and enlisted the dental associations to spread the bogus information. This worked and soon fluoride addition was a common practice.
The fluoride cover story is well funded and a foundational element in the controlled media’s agenda. Another lunch time participant was a young woman from Thunder Bay, Ontario. This is another municipality that does not fluoridate their water. She attends city council meetings in Thunder Bay and witnessed a submission to their council from a dental association recommending the council to begin fluoridation. It was a very aggressive submission recommending a plebiscite on the matter, knowing of course that the media will support the ruling elite’s cover story. The council voted against such action and the water supply of Thunder Bay remains unadulterated.
Also present was a fellow Calgary resident. She believes the cover story and had heard that the council’s vote was being rescinded, information she welcomed. This is typical of those who put their faith in the media and believe what the media reports. Few are willing to do the research necessary to find the truth of such matters and with the media putting up a united front and respected entities such as the dental association trumpeting the cover story, the public is generally swayed. When faced with the facts as gathered by an unbiased committee, even career politicians see through the cover story but facts that oppose the cover story are not reported in the controlled media.
When I became dedicated to my spiritual development several years ago, information came to me that I should discontinue drinking tap water. Later, I learned that fluoride collects in the pineal gland and interferes with its spiritual functioning. I followed this guidance and drank bottled water ever since. At least in Calgary, I can return to drinking tap water. I send my thanks to Mayor Nenshi and Calgary’s city council for their forward thinking actions and for standing up to the controlling forces of the ruling elite.
Freedom for humanity…


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