The Help

I saw the movie and am currently reading The Help; a novel by Kathryn Stockett about life in Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960’s when civil rights took center stage. She writes using three people as mouth pieces, one is a privileged white female who is sympathetic to the blacks and the other two are black maids working for white families. The three are working together on a secret project to write a book from the maid’s point of view.
I see parallels between their work and the work I am engaged in doing. The essential feature is we are telling the truth, our truth based on our own personal experience. This truth is unpopular and repressed by the privileged few and also by the reactionaries in our society and those willing to do the ruling elite’s bidding in the hopes of advancing their standing. In this analogy, the rich white folks in Jackson are the ruling elite. They have all the advantages and hold the rest of the population in a kind of slavery based mostly on economics. They own the land, the businesses, the local media and the elected officials. One major difference; the national media was outside of their control as was President Kennedy so there was a glimmer of hope and all kinds of pressure to make changes.
The personal danger to these truth tellers was very real with white reactionaries all around and blacks frequently the victim of violence for crimes against segregation, very much the white ruling class’ policy of the time. An equally ever present danger was the economic danger. Maids were fired without notice and had no rights within the justice systems of the day. An influential white enemy could make sure you did not work again as a maid and even create economic hardship for your family since their husbands and their friends owned everything. Cross the wrong person and you could easily be homeless and even starve to death. The author does a good job of portraying these fears and I feel them in the depths of my being. They are the same fears I worked with when choosing to tell my truth and make my truth public in the form of this blog. Some are real, some are imagined, but fear does not differentiate. I too operate in secret in some ways.
After one close call, the women gather to reflect. The white woman asks if they want to quit, but telling the truth has its own power and once begun is a hard thing to let go. The project continues. I too have noticed this and my dedication to my truth rises with each entry and with each passing day. Bad endings are nothing new in my soul’s experience and I have been shown many lifetimes ended prematurely through violence at the hands of those protecting the interests of the ruling elite. Even if I knew it would all end poorly, I would continue. In truth I have all kinds of indications that this particular attempt will end well and may in fact be the most amazing success ever experienced by Lightworkers as the era of the dark is ending and a new era supporting the light is about to begin.
Ascension is a coming reality and I will be playing my part, whatever that part may be. I know not the role I am to play but have volunteered to do whatever is given me to do in terms of ending the ruling elite’s self interested reign and in terms of pioneering ascension and rejuvenation. Meanwhile I write my truth and publish it in my blog.
As my truth shifts, so does this blog. That is the nature of truth. It is not static but shifts and changes as new information comes to light. A few months ago, I was convinced a major shift was coming to coincide with the end of the era at the winter solstice in sixteen months. Now I am not so sure. The era ends at the winter solstice, but the major shifts may be a while in the making and may not take place until years later. None of this really matters to me in the here and now. I continue to be fully dedicated to the coming changes and target personal sovereignty in all I do.
Freedom for humanity…


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