Fear and Anger

Fear and anger are signals. Fear is a signal of danger, either real or imagined. Anger is a signal that your rules are being broken. Treated as a signal, these emotions have value because they bring information. Many people react to these signals, either actively or passively, depending on their personality and allow the signal to determine their behaviour.
I have learned to respond to both these signals which means there are some extra steps in my process. Step one is to welcome the signal and get up close and personal with it. What is the message here? If it is fear, what is the danger causing the fear? If it is anger, what is the rule that is being broken? Step two is the same in both cases. What is the greater good action in this particular situation? What would serve everyone involved? There has always been an answer to this question, although I do not always like the answer given me. Step three is to follow the guidance given me. Sometimes it is to do nothing, only to be aware of the information already received. Sometimes it is take some kind of action which may or may not appear dangerous. Because my good is included in the greater good, my assumption is that the danger is imagined or at least manageable and proceed with whatever has been identified as the greater good behaviour.
I learned this approach to each emotion in separate processes and until today would have claimed I respond differently to each emotion. Learning this three step response to anger was a long and arduous trial and error process, but I had the best teacher in the world; my second wife. She could push my buttons like no one before or since and not until I learned to process my anger using response-ability did we make progress. As long as I reacted to my anger we got into escalating spirals and dysfunction. Once I learned to respond in a considered way and target the greater good, our dysfunction evaporated like splashed water on a sunny pool deck. Each of us made great progress; after all, greater good responses serve everyone involved.
I see now that I subconsciously applied this learning when dealing with fear. In the mid 1990’s I learned to love myself and fear took a back seat in most of my choices for two reasons. One was that I recognized most of my fears to be an illusion based on my assumption that I was not very lovable. The other was that I recognized rejection was not about me. After deciding to surrender to Divinity a variety of fears appeared. Each time I surrendered something to which I was attached, fear appeared. What if it is not returned to me? Each time I would get up close and examine that fear and each time I would find that life would carry on and I could in fact deal with that possibility.
Then came the choice of writing the blog and speaking my truth about the ruling elite. This fear was different. There are real dangers associated with speaking one’s truth in respect to the rich and powerful. Here I added a step into the process. I asked to be protected. Twice I have been advised to shift my planned course of action as a result of my request for protection. Both were surreal experiences and when I asked for their meaning I was informed that the planned action would have brought unwanted attention from the ruling elite.
Gandhi pioneered powerful methods of bringing about desired change without the use of weapons. These methods were used effectively by Martin Luther King in his fight against segregation and by Nelson Mandela in his fight against apartheid and by the women of Northern Ireland in their fight against terrorist activities. These are the methods I choose in the fight to end the rule of the ruling elite; to take back humanity’s power and restore individual sovereignty.
Freedom for humanity…


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